Convert a Daybed to a King Bed When Desired

Susan Newell Logan
by Susan Newell Logan
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When my daughter married, she & her husband moved out of town bc of their jobs. I needed to update her room to accommadate them when they came home for a visit & the need for a guest room. So, I purchased my much long desired wicker daybed. I purchased the trundle bed along with it. I made sure the trundle height was the same height as the day bed. I got my Hubby of many years, even though he has MANY OTHER GREAT QUALITIES, he unfortunately is not a DIYer, to help me. Bless his heart...LOL...I got him to get some big zip ties (I love them! They rank up there w/colored duct tape🙈☺️🤔😜) We zip tied the trundle frame @ many spots to the metal bed frame part that the mattress‘ sits on. He trimmed the zip ties. The frames are then both flush & level w/each other. Instead of putting the mattress’ on the way they were “suppose” to be, where one’s head & feet are @the short sides of the daybed, I rotated the mattress’ 90 degrees. The top/Head of the mattress’ are @ the back of the daybed, which is now the headboard. Now I have a king bed for guest. Learn from me please, make sure your mattress’ aren’t too thick. I didn’t think about that. I can’t store the trundle mattress on the trundle under the daybed. So, very rarely, if I need to turn the bed back into a daybed, storage space being minimal, & keeping the mattress clean, I just store the mattress between the back of the daybed & the wall. We have had many repeat guest & they say it’s the best sleep ever away from their home. I left some of my daughter‘s touches...Everyone loves the glow in the dark stars & constellations on the ceiling & ceiling fan. I know the rest of the room needs updating🙃😌🤓😏
Finished product
Finished product
Suggested materials:
  • Daybed   (New or resale)
  • Trundle, when open same height as daybed frame   (New or resale)
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