Hope Chest Revamp

3 Materials
3 Days
What started out as a basic Hope Chest without any personality turned into a outspoken Diva with a little help. The lid was removed and all was sanded 2 bare wood. I wanted to lift it up a little bit so I added round ball feet that were painted to match the rest of the chest. I used a castle grey chalk paint for the base. I added laser-cut appliques to give it a little bit of lipstick even made a keyhole, LOL. I stay in that top with a Java colored Stain. After days of creativity and assembly I had a beautiful finished product with the new purpose that could be displayed front and center.
Strip & sand after removal of top. I needed to build a base ti screw the new feet into.
Main paint job prior to assembling. Fine details and accent painting stuff.
I love the contrast of this stain against Gray or a lighter color
It won't lock you out but it looks nice
I really have a thing for heart so when I found these four corner pieces I was in love
It was like buying a pair of stilettos! she immediately looked better when she had them on.
Suggested materials:
  • Chalk paint   (Joanns)
  • Laser cut wood   (On line)
  • Wax finish   (Joannes)
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