Low Boy Gets a Total Face Lift

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For some reason,I only got a picture of the back of this one,but as you can see,another dresser in plain old brown varnish.
This one had 6 drawers,3 large on one side and 3 small on the other.
I began by brushing out the entire thing as it had been stored in a barn,then set about filling in the damaged areas with some filler,let it dry then sanded it back smooth,and so I would have some place for the paint to stick.
There was also a section where the veneer was coming apart,so used some wood glue and a large clamp to hold it in place and let it set overnight while that was drying as well as the filler.
Some water damage as well.

Don't ask me why I keep buying the"pig in a poke" ones,somebody has to rescue them!!!
I gave the whole thing a white base coat,then took out my Walnut stain and gave her a rub down.

Started with the base........(cause it's all about that base,bout that base......) then moved onto the sides and top.

Total of 3 coats using a mini roller.

The drawers also got a coat of white,then the blue on top.

Each drawer was done in a different blue,then everyone got a Walnut scrub.
The handles on this thing were really old and really gross.

Seems in the 70's they used pretty much one style,so needless to say,I had to make some of my own.

I went though Dave's (the hubby) driftwood collection,found what I needed and then using the jigsaw,made 9 slices at 1 inch each.

I managed to get one on a knot,and it became my favorite.
After they were cut,they got a quick hand sand,and then I drilled a pilot hole on one side going about 1/4 of the way in,so that it would be easier to screw them into place.
Poor driftwood,never had a chance.
Here it is finished.

Had to step back and admire how the blues came out.
The only thing I changed after it was done,was take the second small drawer and move it up so the handle with the knot would be at the top.
I paid $5 for the dresser,used paints I had on hand that I got from the Dump store and sold it for $120 in less than 10 hours.
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  • Cynthia Potts Cynthia Potts on Apr 05, 2016
    Where do you sell these gems you keep pumping out?

  • Debi O'Brien Debi O'Brien on Oct 27, 2018

    Love the drawer pulls...are you able to easily get a hold of them to open the drawer? or are they flush against the drawer?

  • William Neil Plowman Jr. William Neil Plowman Jr. on Oct 27, 2018

    Hi could this be done with a dining room table....which is mostly pressboard and vaneeers?

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  • Marcia whitney Marcia whitney on Oct 29, 2018

    The only thing I suggest is to add a wooden bead before screwing on your driftwood slices. It would make the 'knobs' more functional.

    • Barbara Barbara on Nov 07, 2018

      She cut the driftwood knobs 1 inch thick. If that is not enough of a knob for someone to pull, then they could be cut thicker (1 1/2 inches, etc.). It is just a matter of preference.

  • Karen Karen on Dec 11, 2018

    You've inspired me to tackle an old piece that needs help. Good job!