Master Bedroom Makeover

5 Hours
Yet another room in our new (old) home that was painted white from walls to trim to ceiling... the master bedroom. When we first looked at this house I fell in love with the room based solely on the fireplace alone.... I mean, does it get anymore romantic than that??!!
Final product..... Every day we feel like we are at a Bed and Breakfast lol :) (ps. rug had just arrived that day.... excuse the crease down the center)
White, white and more white before.
Putting the Mr. to work. We used Sherwin Williams Taupe Tone.
I felt like the fireplace wall needed to be more of a feature. We decided to tape off the wall carrying the lines from the mantle all the way up to the ceiling... big ideas here ;)
We liked it better already!
Then the Mr. trimmed out the mantle with wood, we tried to use similar mouldings to what was originally in the house.
And for anyone wondering why the king size bed isn't centered between the windows, welp.... on 2 opposing walls we had 2 windows on each wall with a radiator located to the side closest to the fireplace. On the other 2 opposing walls we had the fireplace and the door to our bedroom. I am a super kooky symmetrical person, and if I can live with it, it's all okay lol!
So yeah, we love it. Still looking for just the right accents and art, but all in all we are super jazzed about this room
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  • Helene Helene on Dec 05, 2016
    Great job!! Looks very quiet and peaceful in your bedroom. Enjoy!!!

  • Beth Beth on Dec 01, 2018

    Amy, this is a gorgeous room! I had an interior design business for years, and I often created faux fireplaces in bedrooms becuase they were just that romantic, so congratulations on having the real thing!

    To solve your off-center problem behind the bed, a problem I encountered a few times in my career, I would run sheers from one end of the wall to the other and from the very top of the ceiling to the floor behind the bed -- covering that whole wall with sheers. It disguised the asymmetry of the bed to the windows, but light still got in. Of course, with your beautiful windows, you may not want to do this.

    Anyway, you have a gorgeous room you can be proud of. And that is a great job on the overmantel, too.

    • Amy Superdeluxe Amy Superdeluxe on Dec 01, 2018

      Thank you Beth!!! ❤️❤️ I love, love, love our bedroom- I feel like I sleep in a romantic B&B every night lol!!

      The odd window/radiator placement truly does not bother me one bit.... it’s an old quirky house and we are odd quirky people enjoying it lol!!

      Thank you for kind words ❤️