I made a Jewelry board using old cabinet knobs and handles and such.

I found all of the handles and knobs from Habitat for Humanity and thrift stores. I bought the cedar wood, stained it dark, beat it up with chains and then put a thin coat of white paint on it for a distressed look. Then I painted the designs at the top and bottom.
A little over 6 feet tall...mounted to my bedroom wall.
I painted a Norwegian design that I stole from the Sinkadoodles line...but I'm half owner so I'm allowed. :-) I mounted the board to my wall and then covered the screw with a little wooden "button" - it's now the center of the flower.
This is a strainer I found at a thrift store...works great for my post earrings. It's hanging by a ribbon (tied like a man's tie) so I can lift it up and easily reach the earrings' backings.
More knobs and handles from Habitat for Humanity. Not sure what I'm going to do with the upside-down pull...maybe put a fake flower or two in there?
Oops...I haven't painted (and placed) my other "button" that will cover the mounting screw in the middle of the painted flower. That will be the finishing touch.
I mounted it just inside our bedroom door.
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