Old Medicine Cabinet inspired a Jewelry Organization wall.

by CraftyMcDaniel
I passed up this old medicine cabinet for months at a thrift store. A customer was requesting a cabinet to store her jewelry. After many picture messages this is what we came up with. Quick run to the thrift store, YES it's still here! A new lease on life was in this cabinets future.
Whole set up includes, jewelry cabinet, dowels for necklaces and bracelets and wire mesh earring holder.
I made my own chevron stencil on my Cameo Silhouette.
I painted the cardboard backing with white latex paint and used acrylic paints for the chevron print. Sealed with Mod Podge.
Added cut to size wire mesh purchased at Lowes. I got a whole roll so I see many more of these in my future.
Ring cushion time. I have replaced the felt in many vintage jewelry boxes so I knew I could take on this project with ease. But what to use as the base? After searching Hobby Lobby for just the right base, I found it, the lid to a photo box.
Assembly line all in order. Cut the felt and quilters batting (2 layers per roll) the width of the box. Then cut into 2" strips. Cardboard is for stability about 1/4" strips. I love Fast Grab Tacky Glue!
Glue batting to cardboard strip. I don't even worry about gluing the top layer of batting, it pretty much sticks itself to the bottom layer.
Glue felt onto batting. Don't run glue through the middle, it can make the felt hard and can show through. I learned this trick the hard way.
Apply a stripe of glue for each roll and start piling them in. I guesstimated how many I would need, I ended up adding five more than I thought .
Pat down and finesse the fluffy to even rows out.
I painted the whole cabinet with white latex paint. The yellow and blue is all acrylic paint. Once paint was dry I sealed with Mod Podge. I added white cup hooks to the top inside of door and next to the ring cushion. Two more were used to the hold the dowel on the bottom.
I cut the dowels with a hand saw and miter box. Yellow dowels are 10" blue is 24". Held up by white cup hooks.
This is the before of the cabinet.
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  • Camille Carlin Camille Carlin on Apr 18, 2014
    Looks great and so functional. So glad you shared.
  • LaDonna Whisenhunt LaDonna Whisenhunt on Apr 19, 2014
    I have been on hunt for some creative ways to organize my accesories that actually works, I'm looking forward to start on this project. thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. :)
    • CraftyMcDaniel CraftyMcDaniel on Apr 20, 2014
      Your welcome, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. The next one I will use smaller hooks because the backing was too thin and I had to cut down the hooks and glue in.