The Best Way to Organize Toys

Organizing my youngest son's toys have always been a bit of a struggle in our house. I sort, organize, label, purge, sort, organize, label, purge. You get the idea. We also have a couple of large baskets that hold toys, but the smaller pieces inevitably fall to the bottom, never to be played with again until the basket is dumped across the floor. My son also have a tendency to only play with things that are out in the open, so sorting them into bins makes them forgotten toys.
The solution was right under my nose! One day while cleaning my garage, I came across some yard sale shelving that gave me a fantastic idea!
What if I could display all my son's favorites, especially the small pieces that get lost in the chaos, right where he could easily find them? The shelves below were a yard sale find that have been sitting in my garage for at least a year. I paid $5 for three of them, but they have just been sitting there taking up valuable space.
They were a dirty dusty mess, but after a good sanding and a fresh coat of paint, they became the perfect solution to organizing my son's toys!
This is how that side of his room looked before:
Chaos! Moving the train table to the center of the room now gives him a place to play with his toys.
A few things are still stored in clear bins, but they are easily accessible.
The shelves are shallow too so they don't take up a lot of room, and when my son is finished playing, everything gets lined back up. So far this is the best solution we've found for keep everything organized!
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  • Lia Lia on Mar 17, 2015
    PS You did a great job OP! The shallow depth of those shelves are perfect for making sure toys aren't forgotten.

  • MichaelR MichaelR on Jun 09, 2016
    Much too many toys ! Children can learn to play a lot more in depth with fewer toys. And be more creatively too. As often, "less is more". Not easy, I know.