Hinged Cover for Pool Equipment

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A few months ago, I shared our DIY Boardwalk project and had a lot of questions about the pool pump that was hidden under the deck stairs. I am finally getting around to sharing how we created a hinged platform that hides our equipment, while still allowing us to have access to it daily.

We moved our pool pump and filter away from our deck, down to the basement area so we could hide it away. We built stairs over the retaining wall to create an easy way to access the basement entry.

We built the "lid" of the cover just like we did the rest of the floating deck, using joist hangers.

Here is a pic of the frame. The front side of the deck is not attached because it will raise up. We used gas powered lifts ( like what you would find on the trunk of a car) on either side of the deck frame and attached the other end to the support post. The lifts allow the deck floor to stay up while you are accessing the pump.

There is a large bolt on each side that creates a hinge so the floor can move. The deck floor rests on a ledge at the top of the stairs. The corners had to be rounded off so it easily fits snugly onto the ledge. Once we made sure the lifts worked and it closed completely, we added the deck boards to the frame with deck screws.

We then added the stairs to the front of the deck.

The front board that is notched to fit between the support posts is not screwed in to anything so that you can lift the floor up. The pump is hidden and so much quieter than it was up by the pool.

Suggested materials:
  • Boards of various sizes   (home depot)
  • Gas powered lifts   (amazon)
  • Joist hangers   (homedepot)
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