1970's Game to Side Table

1 Material
8 Hours
I found this vintage non-working Pachinko game hiding in the corner of a barn and could not pass it up. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do with it. It was just cool. So it has sat in the garage calling my name for 6 months. My first thought was a coffee/side table.
I used 1x8 boards to encase the game. The first step was to cut the boards to length making sure I added an extra inch on the length side to cover the ends of the width. I used trim head screws so the the head of the screw could be sunk into wood giving it a more finished look.
The second step was was to build a box. The sides of the game were wood so it was easy to fit the box over the game and attach them with the trim head screws which is step three.
I ordered very industrial metal hairpin legs from Amazon and attached them to the bottom making this the forth step.
The fifth step was painting .I filled all the holes where the screws had been sunk then used Amy Howard Dark Night which is a beautiful dark blue to paint it.
Suggested materials:
  • 1x8 wood, 2 1/2 inch trim head screws and Amy Howard chalk paint.
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