Cabinet Pantry

A cabinet/pantry we built. Used 2 old doors, 4 windows, old hardwood flooring and scrap plywood. I was expecting a small pantry and ended up with this wonderful one.
Jerry is a carpenter and brings home lots of scrap wood. The flooring we used was a remodel job. Windows he replaced on a remodel. We spent $60 on the 2 doors and $2 on screws for the door hinges. Total of $62.00
I didn't get a picture of the floor. It is a basic 2x4 with plywood. Then we built up from there.
this is a view of the door on the back side and we were just sitting the window in to see if we liked it.
backside after door was installed.
Framed out the windows and added hardwood flooring all around.
Painting the inside. I mixed up my own chalk paint using 2 shades of blue. And also used plain white.
A side view.
Side view from the inside. To frame out between the windows we put 2x4 across and down. Then hardwood flooring on the outside. To install the windows Jerry used 1x2 around the spaces where the windows sit.
Installed french door on the front.
Framing done to install shelves.We used 1x12 for the shelves.
After the floor was built outside, everything else was done inside. Really heavy cabinet but it will move.
Here it is done.
The door on the back sits in 4 inches so we added shelves. That way if I turn it around so the back faces the other room, I can set small stuff on the shelves.

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  • Nikki Nikki on May 21, 2020

    Imagine if this was this 3 or 4 times bigger and outdoors

    that would make one beautiful tea room, office / reading space or playhouse for the little ones

    clever idea 💡

  • Jamie Haas Jamie Haas on Mar 25, 2021

    Nice job! Reminds me of a phone booth ;-}