DIY Live Edge Console Table

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I made this console table as a surprise for my mom as part of a makeover I'm doing at her house (you can see her reaction at the end of the vid). I was super stoked to use one of my live edge slabs for this console table (or entryway table) since I've been waiting over a year for them to dry and this was my first project I got to use one of them for!

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I used a straight edge to square off my corners.

I cut the ends square with a skill saw.

I sanded down the live edge piece with a belt sander and then an orbital sander, ending with 150 grit.

I applied a pre stain wood conditioner to help prevent blotchiness that can often appear in pine

I used Early American Stain by Minwax and applied it using an old rag.


While I was waiting for my table top to dry, I cut the pieces for my legs using the miter saw.

You need 8 pieces altogether; 4 @31 and 4 @ 9.5”

I assembled my legs using pocket holes. I used my kreg jig for this part.

You only need to put the holes in the short pieces, so you can set the longer pieces aside for now. Once you’ve got your pocket hole jig set up, but two holes in both ends of your short pieces.

I used wood glue with my pocket holes to add strength. Then used 2.5" deck screws (or pocket hole screws) to assemble.

When you’re assembling the legs, make sure that the pocket holes are all on the outside of the rectangle so that they won’t be visible once theyre attached to the top.

I sanded my legs to make them nice and smooth to help get that faux steel look using my orbital sander and 120-150 grit pads.

I painted my legs black.


I laid my table top down, bottom up, and set my legs in place. I pre-drilled two holes on both legs and used 2.5" screws to attache them.

Suggested materials:
  • 2.5" pocket screws   (
  • Keg jig   (
  • Lumber   (
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