From Suitcase to Ottoman

by Melanie
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I picked up this cute little suitcase at a yard sale in my hometown in the summertime. Upon seeing it I knew what I wanted to do with it. It has a neat history to it. The woman I bought it from told me it was hers when she went off to nursing school in the late 1950s. Her name and address is still taped to the inside of it, before that it was her grandmother's. She was thrilled that I was going to do something with it. I can't wait to show her pictures when I make the trip home again.
First step was to determine what I was going to use for legs. As I only spent $5.00 on the suitcase I couldn't wrap my head around paying $10 to $15 per leg on legs to redo this. I opted for wrought iron brackets I seen at the Restore marked down for $5.00 a piece, more within my budget.
Next was to attach the legs. The suitcase is hardshelled but not very thick so I had to cut a piece of scrap wood I had to put inside the suitcase.
I discovered that my brackets were not going to be strong enough to hold any amount of weight so I went to home depot and got them to cut me a 1x1 in 8 inch pieces, the same height as my brackets.
Next I stained them in a black polyurethane to match a rocking chair I redid.
Here they are stained. Now you are going to attach everything.
For this step I used a cordless drill .
Take your piece of wood and drill and drill hole from inside of suitcase to piece of wood , then attach with screw. I used a 2 inch wood screw. Follow same instructions and do the other 3 pieces of wood.
Once wood is secured you are going to take your brackets and attach them to wood and bottom of suitcase. Repeat this step with the 3 other brackets.
Next step was to cover the scrap wood I used as a base to attach my legs to. I had old adhesive flooring left over that was perfect for this project. Measure and cut to fit and apply.
Here is the inside complete. I kept the original lining and pockets as everything was in great shape.
This is perfect for storing current books I am reading, crossword book, my reading glasses etc. No more searching for everything!
Here it is completed with lid closed.
Here it is with the rocking chair I just redid. Love how they both turned out. This is sure to become my favorite spot to relax.
Suggested materials:
  • Small hard cover suitcase   (Yard sale)
  • 4 wrought iron brackets   (Restore)
  • 4 8 inch pieces of 1x1 wood   (Home Depot)
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