Old Fence? New Coat Racks!

1 Hour
My In-laws have a lot of old fence boards sitting outside (for a long time)...so I cut some and brought them home. I rummaged through the supplies I already had and came up with these coat and jewelry Racks! MOST just screwed in, some are helped with Gorilla Glue!
Some have holes from old nails and that's I hang them, some I put a wall hanging thingy on the back.

I love the red hooks against the old wood!
I had those huge screw nut things for maybe 2 years ... and finally my vision came the fruition witg these old fence boards.
I got this cool under the sea mermaid butcher style wrapping paper and cut up the graphics to make this one. I not be podge the graphics onto it and then screwed in the hooks...this is a good key/coat rack!
This one you have to look through my Scandinavian souvenir trinkets to see how I did the hanging part. I used old water knobs and these cool wind nuts...but this one is not on the fence board but some cool wood I found! It's the first one I made.
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