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My friend challenged me and brought me three pallets to see what I could make out of them. She really wanted some new furniture for her patio so I decided to give it a try. I was able to make a bench, a table, a chair and a small wine holder all from pallet wood! Here's how:
My friend brought me three pallets which she got for free from a store. Picture only shows two but there where three.
The first pallet I used to create a chair for her patio. Came out pretty well!
On to the table and side table. Then I used another pallet to create a table and side table, I just love how small plants and other items can fit inside the indented area.
Here are all three pieces together. I love how they came out!
For the bench I used one pallet and four pieces of 2 x 2 I had to use as legs.
And here are all of the pieces painted and sitting pretty on my friend's patio. I'd say it was a successful endeavor! Hope you enjoyed!
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  • Arg27148259 Arg27148259 on Sep 06, 2017
    Where do you get pallets for free

  • Yitz Yitz on Oct 22, 2017
    Nice job!
    On the chair and bench - how did you secure the back to the frame? This tends to be a challenging spot and can be weak and wobbly. Thanks.

  • Yitz Yitz on Oct 22, 2017
    How did you nail into the wood without cracking it? Whenever I've used pallet wood it is always very dry and splits easily. I found it easier, more effective and a better use of my time to just buy some fresh new wood for my wood building projects. Thanks.

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