DIY Kirigami Leather Plant Hanger

The macrame planter hanger just got a face lift; try a Leather Plant Hanger. Learn how to make a Kirigami Leather Plant Hanger for modern house plant style!
The container you plan to use (So, you can tweak the template to accommodate)
A surface to cut on ( like a self-healing mat)
Leather or Pleather (artificial leather)
Utility Knife, Box cutter, or X-Acto knife
Twine, leather rope, twisted mason line, or any type of string have
Printed Template from Design Sponge
Cut out the template. I had to cut down the original template so the “basket” would fit around my tea cups that I used for my air plants. Lay the template on to the back side of the leather (pretty side down). Trace around the template with a pencil.
Tape the template down onto the piece of leather. This will hold the template in place while you cut.
Cut along the lines of the template. Go slow. I had to slice through the paper first and then do a second pass to cut through the leather.
Remove the template and make sure that all the “lines” have been cut through.
Cut around the circle you traced in step 1.
Cut 4 equal lengths of string. Thread the first piece of string through on of the “lines” you cut on the outer rim of the circle. Tie an overhand knot. Do this on all four sides.
Add in your container. Gather all 4 strings and lift. Adjust the strings for balance if necessary.
For a complete step by step tutorial visit The Prudent Garden!

The Prudent Garden
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