DIY Popsicle Sticks Planter With Beads

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3 Hours

You can make your own planters at home. Thereby not only you save precious dollars but also have the satisfaction of using your creativity and aesthetic nature.

Items required are MDF round base of 12", Flexible Cardboards, Popsicle sticks, Wooden beads, Jute Rope, Adhesive and handmade flowers.

Keep the MDF Board as the base. Stick the jute rope around the circumference of the board just inside the edge.

The rope after being glued onto the board will look like this.

Take the cardboard and cut it at approx 8" - 10" high. This will form the cylindrical body of the planter. Now start sticking the popsicle sticks on one side of the cardboard.

Once sticking is complete, make it a hollow cylinder stick it on the outside of the jute rope border. Now you will have a cylinder with a base.

Now stick another strand of jute rope, both at the bottom of the cylinder and at the top of the cylinder.

Make a wooden beads garland. Use different colors for giving a contrast. You may also use beads of different sizes and shapes to give a touch of variety.

Now stick these garlands below the jute rope - both at the top and the bottom of the cylinder.

This is how the final finished cylinder will look like, once the ropes and beads are stuck.

To add a flavor of decor, you can stick hand made flowers. Or if you have knowledge of decoupage, you can consider the same. It will lead to stunning visual effects.

Now my Aglonema plant has got a new home!!icon

A complete video tutorial here.

Hope you all enjoyed this tutorial. If yes, please like, comment and share and save it for the future!!

Suggested materials:
  • MDF Round Base 12"   (Amazon)
  • Cardboard   (Recycled package from Amazon)
  • Popsicle sticks   (Amazon)
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