A Love Story Sealed With a Kiss

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Right here on Hometalk is where many of us fell in love with baking soda. Yes, I said "baking soda". Here is where we discovered our super hero ready to jump into action on our ovens and clean like no other product could. Here is where we discovered the power to remove odors, break down hard water scum in our showers and around our faucets. Here is where we learned to make toilet bombs - where else can you get that?? Here is where we learned we no longer had to withstand the abusive relationships we had with those chemical cleaners.
What love story doesn't begin with just baking soda and a mason jar? This mason jar,however, is very special - what mason jar isn't?
The cap on this has a screen and is meant for producing bean sprouts but in our case, we give it a whole new meaning and give it a leading role in our quest for a better life.
I no longer buy baking soda in those silly little boxes found at your local grocery stores. No sir, I go for the 5 lbs, super-sized at Smart and Final. This is meant to be lasting and fulfilling my needs for quite some time to come. Its mere presence in my pantry, makes me feel strong and secure in my commitment to live a chemical free life.
Every hero needs a heroine. This Odor Neutralizing Gel Beads in Vanilla Lavender is the heroine in this love story and happens to be my favorite scent. After all, what good is a hero, if no body notices what an heroic act was just performed.

At Lowes they do offer Apple Cinnamon, Fresh Cotton, and Tropical Breeze as well for just under $4 for the 12 oz.
Now this to me is the match made in heaven. I nearly fill the jar with the baking soda I love, and add a handful (about 4 oz) of the Vanilla Lavender scent gels, which I adore and then I allow it enough time to join together in holy..... Wait, am I dreaming? Dreaming of the perfect carpet freshener? I think I am.

I sprinkle this on my carpet, let is sit for an hour or two, then vacuum up. The real beauty here is that the scent gel beads stays in the jar. By adding more baking soda you get to use them over and over and over again. It just keeps on giving as in any great relationship.

By the way, you can sprinkle this on your mattress, in your car, in your closet, in your shoes or where ever you need to freshen up. Ahhh! Ain't love grand!

Keeping It Simple Silly.

Suggested materials:

  • Baking soda   (Smart and Final)
  • Odor Neutralizing Gel Beads   (Lowes)
  • Mason Jar   (Ralphs Grocery)
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