How To Clean Hardwood Floors

2 Materials
30 Minutes

Are you wondering how to clean hardwood floors? You won’t believe how easy it is using 1 natural ingredient! You can see more of my crazy creations here


  • Vacuum cleaner and mop
  • water


1. Clear the space

I want to make sure my floors get as clean as possible so I always start by picking up my space. I will lift anything off the floor that I can. For example, my wood floors are in my kitchen, so I’ll lift my chairs and place them on top of my kitchen table, or I’ll move them to another space. I also remove our bar stools, trash and recycle cans, step stools, etc.

2. Vacuum the wood floors

I vacuum my floors to clear them of any dirt, crumbs and debris. Removing this will also keep your floors nicer for a longer length of time avoiding things that will dig into your floor and scratch them.

I like to use my Yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum as it makes my cleaning routine go so much faster! I can be cleaning my counters and picking up the room while the robot vacuum gets started. It allows me to clean other areas of my home and multi-task which I love.

Why do I like my Yeedi mop Station pro Robot Vacuum?

1. 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop combo

- 3000pa powerful sunction for vacuuming.

- Dual-power spin mopping system with triple-layer mopping pads holds 300% water to cover more space without leaving puddles.

- Tackles wet and dry messes in one go.

- An extra 750ml swapping dustbin larger than that of most robot vacuum on the market stores several days of dust for less dustbin emptying. Perfect for big families.

2. Automatically Keep the Mops Clean and Fresh with the Self-Cleaning Station

- Automatically washes the mopping pads every 10 minutes to keep them clean.

- Dry the mopping pads when cleaning is done to avoid odor generation and mildew breeding.

- 3.5L*2 water tanks store clean and wastewater separately to keep your mopping pads clean and moist. Cover more space with less water replenishing.

- Truly hassle-free and hands-free.

3. "Turning the Old in for the New" service 

- In addition, yeedi launched its swap repair program, allowing customers to swap for a new unit instead of repairing it within the warranty period. 

- Yeedi has also made it incredibly easy for its users to upgrade their old yeedi models to mop station pro. 

- Starting from May 2022, whatever yeedi model you have, you can easily trade in it for credit toward the purchase of yeedi mop station pro.

3. Mop your floor

After I’m done vacuuming the floor you’ll often see spots on the floor from spills. The one thing you don’t often see is that when you cook those grease particles are flying through the air and landing on everything. With our wood floors being in our kitchen, I want to make sure I take my cleaning to the next level by mopping it. Most wood floor manufacturers will tell you to clean your wood floors with only water. Yep, that’s right only water as it is the best cleaner. No chemicals which I’m a huge fan of.

After my Yeedi robot vacuum is done, I simply put the mopping cartridge in it and let it go. It then starts mopping my floor and does a fantastic job while I continue cleaning the rest of my house.

4. Put everything away

After my floor is dry after mopping, I’ll can put everything back in it’s place and that’s all there is too it. Crazy easy right?

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Suggested materials:
  • Yeedi Vacuum and Mop   (
  • Water
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