Disinfect Your Doorknobs

It’s sad, but true – doorknobs are pretty good at opening doors, but they’re great at collecting bacteria! The good news: they’re incredibly easy to clean. Here’s how!
1. Choose a safe disinfectant. A disinfectant spray doesn’t need to have harsh chemicals to clean your doorknobs. For a safer, eco-friendly spray make your own, instead. To create homemade disinfectant spray , you only need vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and a few spray bottles. DIY isn’t your only option! There are several eco-friendly options on the market – we’re fans of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basil Countertop Spray.
2. Ready, aim, spray! Grab your disinfectant spray and a clean towel and spray away! Spray the entire doorknob and then wipe it dry with your towel. Focus on the doors that see the most action in your home like the kitchen, bathroom and front door.
3. Bonus: Disinfect the light switch covers, too. While you’re at it, every time you clean your doorknobs, spray and wipe your light switch covers. You use those babies almost as often as doorknobs, so it’s a good habit to go ahead and take care of that bacteria, too.
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