Essential Oil Car Airfreshener Hack!

2 Minutes
Quick, easy hack!
You will wonder why you never thought of this before!
With essential oils on hand and and old car Airfreshener, this is a FREE hack that will leave you smelling roses, or any other scent you desire!!

Have an old car hanging air freshener you love, but it doesn't have any more scent to it?

Don't throw it away!
Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the absorbent sides of the air freshener!!

*AVOID GETTING ANY ON THE FRONT OR BACK PRINTED WITH DECORATION! (If you spill over the sides onto the printed front or back of the old airfreshener, simply wipe off with paper towel)
The oil will immediately soak into the airfreshener and disappear!!

As the drip forms on the tip of the bottle, slowly drag the drop along the edge so it will disburse evenly and absorb properly!

Your store bought, worn out, car Airfreshener instantly becomes a new, improved, essential oil, airfreshener!!

I recommend theraputic grade oils, but I am no expert, and ANY essential oil will work!

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