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Keeping your house airy, fresh, and clean only requires a choice few must-have products. With Comet®’s range of modern cleaning solutions, you can thoroughly and safely clean virtually any surface in your home.
Have you ever looked under your kitchen or bathroom sink and been frustrated that you can never find what you’re looking for? Or perhaps you have so many different products that you don’t really know which to use? Or maybe you’re afraid that certain products will be too harsh on some surfaces, while others may not be tough enough on germs and grime?
It’s time to clean up your cleaning act! Getting rid of all your old cleaning supplies clears out precious cabinet space, and also makes it easier on you to keep the house clean. Instead of worrying about which product to use, we created a definitive “home cleaning kit” that allows you to have everything you need to clean the entire house in one sensible caddy. The main trick? Trading in all your old bottles for just a few trustworthy products that achieve praiseworthy results like Comet® powder, bathroom spray, and bleach cream cleanser that are tough enough to clean any mess and safe enough to clean your hard surfaces like porcelain and stainless steel.
Begin with a caddy or bucket that is large enough to hold 4-6 cleaning products, as well as some rags and sponges. Less is more; you can have all the supplies you need to keep your home clean and fresh without making your kit too heavy or bulky.
Start with a great all-surface cleaning product like Spic and Span multi-surface cleaner. It cleans and deodorizes the space leaving behind a fresh scent that’t not too overpowering. Great on hard water stains on showers.
Next, it’s always handy to have a cleaner with bleach for those tough to clean bathroom and kitchen surfaces. What makes Comet cream cleanser with bleach so great is that it’s tough but gentle, thus ideal for cleaning stains without scratching surfaces — you can also see exactly where you’ve applied it due to its minty green color!
And of course, no bathroom is complete without a great disinfectant spray. Comet bathroom cleaner is strong enough to kill germs and cut through grime, but is also gentle enough to use on fine surfaces like porcelain and tile.
For your toughest stains, Comet powder cleanser with bleach is a must. It delivers praiseworthy results every time. It’s powder texture scrubs away at grime and soap scum, while still keeping its scratch-free promise. It’s the only product we’ll use on our stainless steel sinks or fixtures!
Once you’ve compiled your cleaning products, you can create a separate bin for dry goods like paper towels, a small dustpan and broom, and some extra sponges and cloths. And voila! A streamlined, simple way to easily clean every single room in the house with just a few choice products. No more trips back and forth from the basement for you!

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  • Irish Pack Irish Pack on Feb 13, 2017
    This is a good post for those that want to purchase cleaning products. I have slowly gotten away from chemical cleaners and am in the process of going green.