How do I get glued paper off glass tile?

by Sherri

UPDATE: I've attached the finished projects of two of three mirrors. The third mirror is in the master bath and twice the size and was hard to capture the entire mirror. Each mirror's design is slightly different I love how they all turned out! I used E6000 to attach tile pieces to the mirrors. Thank you all for your help on this project!

I purchased glass tile, FB Market, and was unaware the paper (glued) was attached to the wrong side (glass side). How can I remove the paper? Once removed, the glass tiles will end up being pieces of glass that I now plan to use to frame my mirrors by hot gluing them as a frame around the mirror. Is there some type of solution that I could soak them in that will peel that paper off and the glue that has them stuck to the paper without damaging the glass?

Bathroom#1 (Jack & Jill)

Bathroom #2 (Jack & Jill)

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