Make Your Stainless Steel Sinks Shine Like New

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Has your stainless steel lost its luster?

We've compiled a list of our top hacks, tips, and products to help you make your steel appliances sparkle.

Make This Easy Baking Soda Soak For Stuck On Stains

It's no secret that baking soda is a great natural cleaning solution. Use baking soda on stainless steel surfaces to help lift stains easily.

Just give your sink a quick rinse with hot water, then sprinkle baking soda around the stainless steel surfaces.

For an added disinfectant, spray some white vinegar on top of the baking soda to let it fizz. Then, rinse out the mix with hot water and rub through with a microfiber cloth or sponge.

Stains and grime lift away!

Not up to DIY? Check out some of our other favorite stainless steel polishes without the harsh chemicals.

ECOS Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

Amazon Review: "This product works great for stainless steel. It works just as well, if not better, than Weimans but it’s much less harmful." - Maggie Brown

Mrs. Meyer's Baking Soda Cleaner

Amazon Review: "Love this paired with a Scrub Daddy for cleaning the stove, bathroom, sink! SMELLS SOOOO GOOD. Works great." - Erick

Use All Purpose Flour As Sink Polish

If your sink is looking a little dull, flour may be your answer.

All purpose flour is a great, chemical free option to polish your stainless steel sink.

Sprinkle a handful of flour onto a dry sink surface. Then, use a damp microfiber cloth or sponge to buff the flour using circular motions.

Rinse out the flour and dry with a microfiber cloth. It's that easy!

Don't miss out on these other great alternatives to DIY cleaners.

Scrub Daddy Power Paste

Amazon Review: "This paste does a great job cleaning tough grease and dust. I used it on my stove, pans, sink and even some parts of the kitchen walls. Doesn't smell poisonous like a lot of cleaning chemicals. Used it for a lot of cleaning but there's still a lot left. Highly recommend trying it." - Chase

Use Vinegar To Remove Water Spots

Vinegar works great to remove water spots and naturally disinfects germ covered surfaces like your faucets.

You can even make your own DIY solution for an frugal fix to water stains on your stainless steel.

Lemon Basil Vinegar Spray

  • 3 - 4 lemon rinds
  • 6 - 7 sprigs of basil
  • 2 cups white, cleaning vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 quart jar with lid
  • 1 funnel/strainer
  • 1 spray bottle
  • Combine your rinds, basil, and vinegar into the jar. Be sure that the rinds and basil are completely covered by the vinegar. Close the lid and shake. Allow the mixture to infuse for a minimum of 2 weeks. (The longer the better!)
  • Strain the mixture using into a spray bottle & add 2 cups of water to dilute. Label the bottle for easy organization. This strained mixture will keep for 5-6 months.

No Odor Reusable Absorbent Dishcloths

Amazon Review: "These Swedish cloths work forever, can be washed, can be used with just water or cleaners. We cut our paper towels use in half since we tried these towels." - Carol A. Griffith

The next time your sink needs a buff, consider some of these easy & affordable hacks and products to bring back its shine.

Do you have a hack or favorite tool for cleaning your stainless steel sinks? Let us know in the comments below!

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