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I show you how to clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar!
I'm going to be showing you how to clean your oven with baking soda and vinegar using products that you can find right in your kitchen. I'm really excited to show you how I transformed my nasty, dirty oven over night! It's actually amazing to see such a drastic transformation.

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Let's get started because my oven really needs a cleaning! Here is what it looks like before I start to clean. 
First remove the racks from your oven.

Take out your pure white vinegar and baking soda. You'll need 1 cup of baking soda which you should pour in the glass bowl as well as a third of a cup of water until it makes a thick paste. 
You'll need 1 cup of baking soda which you should pour in the glass bowl as well as a third of a cup of water until it makes a thick paste. Add them together and mix it well.
Spread the baking soda mixture onto the surface of your oven. Clean in circular motions. I used a cloth but i think using a sponge might work even better!
I moved inside the oven to clean the bottom and sides. 
Now it's time to let it sit over night. A little patience can go along way.
I also cleaned the oven racks with all purpose cleaner just to go one step further! 
12 hours later...I found an empty spray bottle and filled it with vinegar. Spray it onto the surface of your oven! It will fizz which is super satisfying ;)
Once your oven is covered in vinegar take a cloth and rub away the baking soda mixture and grime!
Take a spatula to scrape away the bits stuck on to the bottom of the oven. This step can get messy and might take a while all depending on how nasty your oven is ;) For my oven it took a good 10 min.
Once all the nasty stuck on grime is removed, wipe your oven down with a warm damp cloth to get rid of the vinegar and baking soda. After everything is wiped clean, dry the surface of your oven with a dry cloth and TA DA! Now you have a beautiful, clean and glistening oven! :)

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  • Dai13120842 Dai13120842 on Sep 29, 2017
    Does this work on self clean ovens?

    • Delia_112 Delia_112 on Sep 29, 2017
      Yes but don't try to run the self cleaning cycle with this on the surface.
      My self cleaning oven stopped working properly and I clean with this vinegar and baking soda paste and got good results. It is past the warranty period So that is something to consider.
      I soaked the grills in A wash tub and used 00 steel wool after a few hours and they look new.

    • DB DB on Sep 29, 2017
      I have used vinegar &baking soda to clean my oven for years. My Step #2 however is vacuuming I use the crevice tool to scrape up loose and not so loose burned on crust (gets rid of a lot of dry stuff before you get the oven wet.) and then start smearing the baking soda paste, The 10 min of scraping Bethany describes will be reduced !

    • Claude Claude on Oct 02, 2017
      Exactly! Me too! Just use the wet dry vac, not your good one.

    • Marlene Fry Marlene Fry on Oct 09, 2017
      wonder if this will work on top of sto e
      with all glass surface .Ive had mine for many years and the eye I cook on mainly for some reason does not come clean as much as the other 3 .Its clean , but I dont know ,maybe older looking from more use .and spills and cleaning .

    • Judy Jones Jackson Judy Jones Jackson on Oct 09, 2017
      Soak oven grates in garbage or lawn and leaf bag. Don't have to clean tub

  • Phil lack Phil lack on Sep 29, 2017
    I tried Judy's method for cleaning the oven racks, and it worked a few times, then stopped. any other method?

    • Crafter Crafter on Sep 29, 2017
      I soak my racks in the bath tub with hottest water you can get. Add washing soda. Let soak until the water cools then rub a chore girl over the racks. Everything comes off easily.

    • Rose Tovey Rose Tovey on Sep 29, 2017
      What if the oven was heated up to 150* before starting?
      The warmth might make it work faster.

  • Lori Johnson Lori Johnson on Sep 29, 2017
    Will it work on a gas stove and oven?

    • Nadine Hartman Bourne Nadine Hartman Bourne on Sep 29, 2017
      Yes just be careful to not let it drip down in the slits on the bottom of the oven. I did this then placed a teflon oven liner in the bottom to protect the oven from further messes. it was really smelly the first time I used the oven but since then it has been fine and no more messes to clean up.

    • Barb in Texas Barb in Texas on Sep 30, 2017
      I just put a whole sheet of heavy duty foil in the bottom of my gas oven. It falls over the two side vents, but it's so loose it doesn't matter. If it gets messy from spills, just take it out and put a new one in. So much easier than scrubbing those spills off the floor of the oven!

    • Lori Johnson Lori Johnson on Oct 17, 2017
      Thank you so much. Two great ideas.

  • Myt28559447 Myt28559447 on Sep 30, 2017
    Will this work on stainless steel walls of microwave convection oven? Nothing else works!

    • Claude Claude on Oct 02, 2017
      I just boil a cup of white vinegar in a microwave safe glass...and test ...try to see if it’s enough to wipe off easily w a paper towel...if not boil it longer. This works best if you wipe it down right after you boil the vinegar. You’ll be amazed.

    • Jill Ron Pike Jill Ron Pike on Dec 04, 2017
      I wouldn't use baking soda on the stainless's abrasive and may leave scratches. I've used a product called Bar Keeper's Friend for that, and it's fine.

  • Bre29803280 Bre29803280 on Oct 03, 2017
    Does this work on a gas oven?

    • Viola Viola on Nov 15, 2017
      Yes Brenda just make sure you don't I repeat don't get any water, etc in the pipes, etc. I have used this in gas stoves and although a little more awkward, it does work. Hope that helps.

    • Joanne Monfort Joanne Monfort on Dec 12, 2017
      I do this with my baking pans makes it easy job done Always did racks in my sink with extra built in hand hose Bathtub I feel too dangerous one slip all it takes

    • Zoe Emiko Zoe Emiko on Mar 23, 2018

      Yes but you need to take some precautions. Take your racks and the bottom pan most gas ovens have out. You'll clean those separately. Purchase a set of the foil oven liners. You can usually find these at most any dollar store or bog box discount store. Use both of them for added stability. Then pull off extra long pieces of heavy duty foil and lay them under your oven liners leaving the excess sticking out past the edges. You're going to crumple these around crumpled tubes of foil until your oven liner & foil edge rolls create a tight fit in your oven. Then clean your oven using the standard application of baking soda paste and vinegar activator. Try not to get a heavy pool build up in the pan you've made so it doesn't slide down though. The Baking soda paste is a bear to remove if you let it get into your gas lines which is why you want to do this precaution first.

  • Sys7029325 Sys7029325 on Nov 04, 2017
    THe Glass on my oven door is double panes and when I cooked a turkey I got grease in between the panes. Does anyone know how to clean this?

    • Viola Viola on Nov 15, 2017
      Hmm, that is a good question. A thought just came to my mind and it is: call the manufacturer. They would know best how to do that since they are the builder/maker of the appliance. What you think? Hope that helps.

    • Dawn Henry Dawn Henry on Nov 18, 2017
      You can unscrew the screws in the door carefully and take apart to clean. Time comsusing, but worth it to get rid of streaks.
      then just out door back together;)

    • Karen M Lock Karen M Lock on Nov 21, 2017
      Be very careful to put it back together like it was or better yet go on line for advice how to from manufacture. Good luck.

    • Shirley Gibbons Shirley Gibbons on Dec 29, 2018

      I take my inner glass out to clean mine doesn't unscrew im lucky it clips just a pain when you get it out as the glass is heavy and helps keep door down lol

  • Emily Emily on Mar 23, 2018

    The question I wanted to ask is my door how can I get it clean l think it is a double window

    • Elaine Johnson Elaine Johnson on Dec 29, 2018

      There are many DIY tutorials online for cleaning oven doors. Just Google how to clean oven doors and enter your model number.

  • Nell Nell on Nov 27, 2018

    is it safe to get the heating coil wet when cleaning the oven?

  • Lynda Lynda on Dec 29, 2018

    Can this be used on a "self cleaning" oven? I would prefer this method to jacking the heat up for 3+ hours

  • Sherry Sherry on Dec 29, 2018

    Can you do that to an an aqua lift oven?? I hate that oven— it’s just too hard to clean!! Have had self clean before, and much prefer that

    • John schofield John schofield on Dec 29, 2018

      Hi Sherry, I have the same Kitchen Aid oven, that I also hate...can't believe that Kitchen Aid would sell an appliance that is so hard to clean. The water technique is a joke...I would like to try this technique but maybe I should wait for an answer.. Susanne

  • Mimi H. Mimi H. on Dec 29, 2018

    Can you use ammonia on stainless steel racks? My stove also has cast iron

    grates on the stove top. Will ammonia work on these?

    • Barb in Texas Barb in Texas on Dec 29, 2018

      Oven Cleaner, the yellow top type, works great on the cast Iron grates. Can't speak to ammonia. As for the racks, both will probably discolor them.

  • Cer2010 Cer2010 on Dec 29, 2018

    Is this safe for a self cleaning oven?

    • Gracie Gracie on Dec 29, 2018 it's safer than running the self cleaning cycle because of the extreme heat and vapors emitted in the process.

    • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Dec 29, 2018

      Yes. It’s just as effective and safe. It has more labor required than with a self-cleaning oven, but with the latter, you still have to wipe everything down to get the ashes out, you still have to scrape burned on stains, and you need to wipe out anything else left inside. 😊

    • Cer2010 Cer2010 on Dec 29, 2018

      The heat and smell is why I wanted to get away from the self-cleaning. I have been trying to find something to use but everything else I've found says not for use in self-cleaning ovens.

      I'll give it a shot. Thanks!

  • Eleanor Korf Eleanor Korf on Dec 29, 2018

    The house we bought has a bbq with extremely dirty cast iron racks. Is there a reasonably easy method of get the "gunk" off the racks withut the racks rusiing and a lot of work. I tried to clean one of the four racks with a lot of scraping but would like to do something easier if possible.

    • Christina Christina on Dec 29, 2018

      Dishwasher powder in a large, heavy duty garbage bag (doubled is better) add racks and water. Seal bag and let them sit for a few hours. You should be able to just hose them off to perfectly clean. I’ve used this for steel oven and bbq racks. I’m guessing it can’t hurt cast iron.

      in the alternative, Krud Kutter is the best degreaser I’ve ever used.

    • Cynthia Nye Cynthia Nye on Dec 29, 2018

      Turn on the BBQ to high and heat the racks. Turn off BBQ. Immediately Use a steel wire brush to scrape the bits of junk off the racks. Once clean and cooled down, wipe the racks with any kind if vegetable oil you like. After every use, if you wire brush the racks, then oil, your cast iron will be great for years.

    • Hosannah Hosannah on Dec 29, 2018

      If you have a self cleaning oven, you can clean them in it when it is on the clean cycle. I clean super gunky cast iron skillets this way too. You will have to re-season after cleaning by this method but it is the easiest way I have ever found.

    • Berniece Cronquist Berniece Cronquist on Dec 30, 2018

      I just heat up the bbq’r and use a stiff wire brush or a pumice stone. It’s eadier if it’s all warm.

  • Betty Betty on Dec 29, 2018

    Hi all of the idea are good. .don't anyone have a self cleaning oven. ? I think the self cleaning would be a whole lot easier and quicker . I use it then wipe it off then I done. .

  • Ros21154952 Ros21154952 on Dec 29, 2018

    Can you do this on a gas oven

  • Berniece Cronquist Berniece Cronquist on Dec 30, 2018

    Does it also clean the glass door

  • Berniece Cronquist Berniece Cronquist on Dec 30, 2018

    Does this work on the glass oven door

    • Lissat Lissat on Jan 01, 2019

      My oven door did not come completely clean with this. My heavy duty method - I took the door off, and carefully slid it inside a garbage bag. I then sprayed it with pure ammonia, and sealed the bag closed for 12 hours. When you slide the door out of the bag, you can roll the bag up and even wrap it in a grocery bag (to prevent any fumesescaping) to dispose of it. The baked on grease will wash off the oven door easily. I had some thin florist wire, and soft cotton yarn. With that, I made a tiny string mop to reach inside the window enclosure (from the bottom edge of the door) and get at the soft residue collected there.

      Ammonia fumes are awful, but with this method there is very little that leaks into your home. (I am in an apartment, with no balcony, and it is already -20'F outside)

  • Marge W. Marge W. on Dec 30, 2018

    Can I keep the oven door closed for the 12 hours or does it have to be left open?

    • Lissat Lissat on Jan 01, 2019

      Close it, and personally, I have found this to work even better if the oven is just a little warm when you start.

  • Nelda Nelda on Dec 31, 2018

    Is it safe to use this method on self-clean ovens?

    • Elisabeth Mackey Elisabeth Mackey on Dec 31, 2018

      Yes, I have done this for many years!

    • Lisa Judycki Lisa Judycki on Jan 05, 2019

      Yes totally safe for self cleaning ovens. In fact I prefer this method of cleaning the oven because it has no harsh chemicals. You can’t do self cleaning oven in the winter if you live in a cold climate because you need to open your windows due to the awful smell and smoke while the oven is cleaning. I would not suggest self cleaning oven use when you have small children and pets especially if you have birds.

  • Tina Reints Tina Reints on Jan 05, 2019

    Safe for self cleaning ovens?

    • Maria Salcedo Maria Salcedo on Jan 05, 2019

      Yes. Because self cleaning ovens aren’t as efficient as they are alleged to be. They ONLY clean the surface. They do NOT clean deep drips etc. in essence. One can save themselves a couple hundred dollars without that feature. Or a thousand dollars or more on the giant kitchen stove features they sell these days. It truly makes one go back to the simple basics. I eliminated mine years ago.

  • Ramona Ramona on Jan 05, 2019

    It’s hard to clean the roof of the oven any suggestions?

  • Charmaine M. Dean Charmaine M. Dean on Jan 05, 2019

    Can I use it in a gas oven?

  • Dianne Zientek Phelan Dianne Zientek Phelan on Jan 25, 2019

    What about the glass

  • Navi West Navi West on Feb 21, 2019

    How do you clean the inside of the door. The glass oven door.

    thank you,

  • Judith DeMello Judith DeMello on Aug 03, 2020

    Can this method work with a self cleaning oven!


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