A Drawer and a Vintage Frame Transformed Into Wall Cabinet, Glass Door

13 Materials
3 Days

I assembled a drawer in a vintage frame, to make a cupboard with a lamp, a mirror, shelves, a hook, jars and a bar which are storage space to put, suspend and sort a lot of things and that will be useful in every room of the house.

I removed the drawer handle and the frame glass. I sawed shelves in small boards and chopsticks to support them. I then sanded everything and painted in primary color and then in blue. I finally drilled a hole in the frame to screw the porcelain handle.

I lined the bottom of the drawer of an assembly of multicolored cut-out patterns glued to the mod podge and varnished. I screwed the chopsticks and the shelves, a vertical plate separates the middle and I drilled holes to pass a metal rod that will prevent objects from sliding. On the edges of the shelves I glued multicolored pompom fringes to the glue gun.

I painted the lids of 4 jars blue then I screwed them twice so they do not turn on themselves, under the bottom of the drawer so that they become sorting jars convenient.

I drilled the top shelf and screwed a metal plate to put the blue painted led lamp that is magnetic. I stuck under the light, a square mirror, with a glue gun.

I drilled and screwed two metal wall fasteners on the back of the drawer, a hook to open and close the cabinet door, all at the top, a wooden flower and a hook at its center on the side and two slats in wood covered with cut paper treated as the bottom of the cabinet. On the left slat and left side of the frame, I drilled and screwed two metal hinges.

I drilled two holes on the left and right of the bottom of the cabinet to insert a blue ordelette attached to a wooden bar that was painted in blue, which will be used to hang towels or to hang various things. I finally skated all the blue furniture with orange, white, light green paint and with varnish at the end. In the picture, we see the light on thanks to two bartteries included.

I have to finish, glued the glass to its frame with the glue gun. And here is our wall cabinet created by the setting of a frame and a drawer, completed.

Suggested materials:

  • Wooden board
  • Wooden sticks
  • Metal rod
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