A Re-purpose for Cassette Holders

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I needed storage for my small bottles of craft paint and have been wanting to do this for a while, I finally found 1 of the holders at the thrift store and the very next day, my sister in law was at a friend's who was moving and she gave me the other 2 for free! woot!!!! One day, when I have the craft room that I've always wanted, these will be on display, but for now, I have to stick them in a closet :(
The 3 completed paint storage boxes
First, I removed the ugly contact wood looking paper from the fronts and cleaned them and spray primed them.
The middle one (don't know how I forgot to take pics of) the 2 drawers were painted with a pearl like craft paint, I first painted with an ivory chalk paint because the craft paint was a little shear. I thought they still looked a little plain, so I glued on drawer pulls, this box was spray painted espresso brown.
There were 2 drawers with holes in them, also, the stainless colored strips (on the bottom) started to peel in the corners AFTER they were primed, so I pulled them off.
So, after painting the 2 a pretty teal blue acrylic craft paint, I measured and cut this sticky backed glittery foam sheet for the one with the 2 drawers with the holes, and I used silver rub n buff (can't get enough of this stuff) on the painted areas to bring out any detail, the box I painted with silver metallic spray paint
on the one with the 3 drawers, I wanted a forged metal look, I measured foil, scrunched it (never scrunch into a ball, it is impossible to undo without tearing the foil)
I carefully flattened it out
and brushed on mod podge on the dull side (any white or clear glue will work)
and applied to the drawer, smoothing air bubbles and around any detail so it would show, I then brushed a watered down (not too runny) black craft paint and wiped it with a paper towel, I did this step twice on each drawer (sorry, forgot to take a pic of that) on this box, I spray painted it black, also the drawers got a coat of gloss spray sealer.
now I have to go buy more craft paints, I need to fill these cases!
and more storage! I also added 4 sticky backed felt pads to the bottoms of each box, so they wouldn't scratch the paint when stacked.

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  • Mobust Mobust on Mar 26, 2021

    any chance you could post what they actually look like from the redone fronts?


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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Jul 27, 2015
    How smart! Great job.

    • Nancy J Nancy J on Jul 27, 2015
      @Hannah V thank you! wish I could take credit for the idea, but I am glad someone thought of it, just wish I would have seen it before I donated my 2 and my mom's 2 VHS holders, imagine the storage I would have had in those!

  • Marsha Knatcal Marsha Knatcal on Jul 28, 2015
    Great idea! I have a couple of these I use for storing ink refills and stickles. Never thought to paint them. Definitely need to make them look pretty!