Super Bowl Tablescape Ideas

Whether you're a diehard football fan — like me — or an avid party thrower — also me — here are some fun and festive DIY projects to get your house ready for some football. These tablescape ideas don't take a ton of time to make {not to include drying time}, aren't particularly expensive, and are sure to boost the fun factor of your Super Bowl party!


Supplies: green needlebond rug or artificial turf • white acrylic paint • white electrical tape • ruler • number stencils • paint brush • scissors • tape measure

I used this green indoor/outdoor EcoRug and cut it to size to cover my table.

I prefer the rug's texture to artificial turf because it creates a smooth, even surface to build my football tablescape. You can put the leftovers to work as garland or coasters for the party or spruce up your outdoor living space.

Next, I measured the center point of my table and marked it with 3/4" white electrical tape. This is the 50-yard line. I then marked the remaining yard lines evenly across the table. In my example, each yard line is 7" apart. I used a ruler and tape measure for a straight line and folded the ends of the tape under the rug edges for a clean finish.

After the yard lines were marked, I painted numbers with white acrylic paint and stencils. I used 2" Times New Roman stencils. The rug was very forgiving... at one point I marked the 40-yard line as 30, but was able to clean it up with a damp, soapy rag.

And when the party's over, just roll it up and save the table cover for next season!


Now that your field is properly prepped for the party, here are some ideas to build a beautifully delicious spread.

Galvanized metal buckets are great alternatives to bowls and dishes for serving and come in a variety of sizes. Line them with tissue paper in your team's colors {or parchment paper} and fill with chips, pretzels and popcorn.

I like to fill a large bucket with ice and use it to serve cold beverages. Have some fun by offering brews from each team's city: Sam Adams Boston Lager for the New England Patriots and SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale and IPA for the Atlanta Falcons.

This smaller bucket houses yellow "penalty flag" napkins along with red "challenge flag" napkins and black-and-white-striped "referee" napkins.

Add a touch of locker room strategy with a chalkboard displaying a football play or attach this free printable to a clipboard and set the tone. (Head over to the blog to download.)

At my house you're on your own after opening kick-off, so I prepare a spread that's self-servicing. My Super Bowl Chili is a great recipe to put out in a slow cooker for folks to enjoy hot. Sliders are also an easy make-ahead favorite. And for dessert, you can't go wrong with football ice cream sandwiches.

So are you ready for some football?!
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