The Tale of Three Trees as a Center or Mantlepiece

The Tale of Three Trees Christmas Centerpiece was inspired by this book. If you haven’t read it, I highly highly recommend it. This is my all time favorite Christmas folktale so I wanted something around my house to remind me of it. The center or mantelpiece is fairly easy to put together and should only take an hour or so. Below you will find step by step instructions and also links when clicked lead to where I purchased everything (a lot of this decoration is pre-bought and pre-made).
The Tale of Three Trees has been beloved for ages, it will always be ‘in style’.
1- Take two garland pieces from Hobby Lobby I used number number CSWG304 Sku#-5200654 they are 48 inches long. If you can’t find them feel free to use something similar like 2 of these garland pieces here. And take three candle stands and wire them all together.
You can use the branches and intertwine them together and also crafting wire to secure them. This only took me a few minutes. The trick is to measure the middle and sides so everything is centered and/or symetrical.
2- Cut the top off a crafting cone and score out the center for the cross.
2- Spray paint it with a forest green color I used Krylon Italian Olive and allow it to dry (a few minutes).

For full instructions and steps 3-6, check out my blog post linked below:
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