Children's Project - Ghost Greeting Cards

1 Minute
I got this idea from an awesome mom (thanks Paige Turney!) who made Halloween posters for her kids. I decided to change it up a little bit by making greeting cards. This was a super easy project to do with my grandson, who just turned two. He was very excited to make them and after we were done, he kept going back to look at them.
I bought a pack of black poster board from the Dollar Tree. I had some envelopes at home of various sizes and I cut the poster board to properly fit inside the envelopes. This was a last minute project and I wanted to use supplies that I already had.
Extremely cute feet are absolutely mandatory. I used the little feet of my cute grandson!
I had some non-toxic craft paint on hand from other projects. For little ones, it's easiest to put the child on your lap while you hold the paper up to press against their foot. For older kids, standing on it might work best.
I used a silver pen for the writing, it shows up well on black. You can also use wiggly eyes if you have them on hand. Add a bow or anything else to decorate it. I made these on a whim so they are kinda basic. If you are into scrapbooking, you can really make them look fancy.
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