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So this is a two for one on this lovely I am showing you how I DIY’ed a cloche which I will be using for florals, plants, etc after this Holiday season is over! And I am showing you how I put a DIY Halloween Decor twist on it. Now obviously you don’t need to decorate the inside of the DIY cloche how I did mine! Get creative! I love seeing what you guys are DIY’ing whether it’s this DIY or an older one. Be sure to hashtag or slide into my DM’s and share them with me! Stay rad xx.
Gather your material: hand saw, faux flower, I am recycle my skeleton arm from my skull sconce DIY, a clear ornament, scissors, metal sheers, dowel, drill bit to match, round wooden base, soda bottle, stain, hot glue, e6000, paint and paint brushes.
Cut off the top of the soda bottle after you remove the labels!
Cut along the line below.
E6000 the ornament upside down into the hole.
Slide your skeleton arm in and cut it down to where it'll fit underneath the soda bottle top.
Distress and paint the hand if you don't like how your's looked. Mine was from the Dollar Store and had brown hues which I didn't like.
Drill a hole into the center of the wood circle base.
Cut your dowel to fit down into the hole and enough to slide the skeleton hand on top. I added some hot glue to inside of the hand and slide it onto the dowel - holding it there until secure.
I added a rose and rings - made two and am calling it "until death do us part."
Add the cloche top and voila!
I love how you can take the skeleton hand out and use it as DIY home decor for the rest of the year. Clearly you don't need to decorate the inside of your cloche how I did but I wanted to give you an idea!

Suggested materials:

  • Wood circle   (Michael's)
  • E6000   (Michael's)
  • Hot glue   (Michael's)
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  • Diena Cameron Diena Cameron on Oct 16, 2017
    This is such a clever idea Rachael, i have been wanting a cloche or two for long time but the ones I've seen were pretty expensive and these would be perfect ! Love your hometalk videos .)

  • Nan29402298 Nan29402298 on Sep 13, 2020

    I like this idea using a soda bottle. This is inexpensive and I would feel like it would be great used outdoors and safer than glass for the trick or treaters.