DIY Halloween Wreath

by Megann
3 Materials
20 Minutes

I wanted a super spooky wreath for our Halloween get together this year, but I couldn’t find one that I liked- plus have you seen the price of a decent looking wreath? So expensive for something you display for just a few weeks!

SoI decided to make on instead! I love making my own decor, but I didn’t want something that would take a long time- I’m working on my entire house at the moment, so time is limited! Insert this perfect spooky, simple and quick Halloween wreath! And the kicker- it’s really quite inexpensive.

Step 1

Attach snakes to wreath with floral wire.

I tried hot glue also- but it didn’t hold very well. The wire is slightly more time consuming, but I’ve had zero issues with anything shaking loose.

Step 2

Spray paint the entire wreath with snakes color of your choice. I chose black for mine, but gold would also be a great choice!

Step 3

Hang it!

i used some twine I had lying around, but you could also use wire, ribbon or a wreath hanger. Or you could use another snake fastened as a loop. It’s whatever your heart desires!

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Suggested materials:
  • Wreath   (Craft store or amazon)
  • Plastic snakes   (Walmart or amazon)
  • Spray paint   (Hardware store, Walmart)
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