Spark Your Creativity: How to Make a Dazzling Firework Craft

Get ready to dive into the world of firework crafts and discover how to create magnificent, larger-than-life fireworks using pool noodles. This festive decoration will add a touch of magic to your space and ignite the patriotic spirit during any joyous occasion.

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With just a few simple steps, we'll craft a homemade firework display that will be the centerpiece of your patriotic holiday decorations.

Remove the cap of a solar light

1. Preparing the Solar Lights

Start with two solar lights and twist off the tops. They should come off easily.

Fake fireworks

Next, grab a red Sharpie and color in the plastic top.

Color in the top of a solar light with a blue Sharpie

Repeat the same process with a blue Sharpie and then replace the caps.

Replace the caps of the solar lights

This coloring effect is permanent and allows light to pass through the plastic.

DIY Pool Noodle Firecracker

2. Cutting and Clustering the Pool Noodles

Use a craft knife to cut red and blue noodles down to size.

Cut pool noodles to various lengths

Aim for about six different lengths of pool noodles in various sizes.

Create a cluster of pool noodles

Cluster the pool noodles together, ensuring they look visually appealing.

Glue the pool noodles together

3. Securing the Pool Noodle Cluster

Use a small amount of hot glue to stick the pool noodles together.

Budget-friendly crafts

Additionally, tie them up with a piece of ribbon for both a decorative and secure touch.

Firework decoration ideas

4. Creating a Planter Base

Choose a red plastic pot, you can usually find these at a Dollar store. Fill the pot with packing paper to create a stable base.

Place the fake fireworks in the planter

5. Assembling the Firework Craft

Place the pool noodle cluster in the red plastic pot.

Insert solar lights into 2 pool noodles

Insert the solar lights into the center of two noodles, ensuring a snug fit.

Patriotic holidays

Use the remaining pool noodle sections to hold a few red and white florals.

Homemade firework display

6. Decorating the Homemade Firework Display

Add a stunning glittery red, white, and blue bow to the front of the arrangement.

Enhance the outer edges with foam stars

Hot glue foam stars to the pool noodles.

More Patriotic Projects

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Patriotic Firework craft

DIY Pool Noodle Firecracker Tutorial

I decided to display the pool noodle craft on my porch, ready to impress guests. These fake fireworks have the power to transform any summer celebration into a dazzling spectacle of color and wonder.

Pool noodle craft for summer celebrations

Now it's your turn to unleash your creative spark and come up with your own wonderful firework decoration idea. Share your thoughts and creations in the comments and let the celebrations begin!

Sarah Vanderkooy
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