Halloween Cheese and Meat Platter

3 Materials
2 Hours
If you're planning a Halloween party this weekend, it's not too late to include this fun meat and cheese platter using my favorite...pallet wood!
This is an easy and fun project that makes a big impact!  Why?  Because it’s big!

As far as pallets go, this one is small , but it still measures 26″ x 36″. Much larger than your normal meat and cheese platter.
Remove all the pallet wood from one side and the middle crossbar.

On the bottom, fill in any gaps with more pallet wood and add more pallet wood to finish the sides.

I used screws to attach all my wood so I could take it apart easily.
Box is all finished. Now is the time to start decorating.  I bought a bag of bones from Walmart for $10.
Drill holes and wire together the leg bones and feet (at least I think they’re leg bones).

Drill another hole  in the hands and the side of the pallet box and wire into place.
More shopping.  This time to the dollar store for a headstone, 2 black bowls, 2 pots and a serving tray.  Total cost $6.
The moss was from my backyard.  I dug it up a couple days early in case any critters need to make an escape.
Time to load up for the party.  Blood and guts fill the bowls  (salsa and guacamole), meat and cheese innards, worms coming up from the ground and chips and crackers finish off the platter.

Make sure you stop by for a few more pictures and more fun Halloween projects.

Suggested materials:

  • Bag of bones   (Walmart)
  • Sesrving Pieces   (Dollar Tree)
  • Pallet   (son's backyard)

Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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2 of 5 comments
  • Ginny Ginny on Nov 01, 2017
    1. Since I have gotten older, I hate Halloween.
    2. Have had enough people die in my life that I don't find death amusing: father(I was 11 yrs. old), mother, first husband at age 26, and too many friends under 40 to count that I don't find death or playing with death at Halloween funny.

    I did give the compliment that the project was good, took many hrs. of time and showed creative ability, but still don't think it is amusing as I'm sure many people didn't. Please realize that not everyone finds ghoulish things amusing like you do.

  • Yvonne Arellano Yvonne Arellano on Dec 02, 2017
    Love love love this !!!! So creative. Although I don't see the need for the negative comments. I am a Halloween fanatic and keep my Halloween decor up ALL YEAR long. I too have experienced death but that doesn't anything to with Halloween. I would never take away the joy Christmas brings to my family just because I don't like Christmas. And by the way I find Halloween VERY AMUSING.