How To Stencil a Halloween Backdrop

A Halloween Backdrop is a cute way to finish off your Trick-or-Treat table on Halloween night or a dessert table for your Halloween party. Here are the supplies you will need:
Black Fabric 2-3 yards
Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint
Paris Grey Chalk Paint
French Linen Chalk Paint
Foam Roller
Painter's tape
Contractor's paper
Hot glue gun
Stencils: Polka Party Halloween Stencil, Spanish Lace Halloween Stencil, Chevron Halloween Stencil, Vase and Pearls Stencil, Harlequin Halloween Wall Stencil, Donatella Damask Halloween Stencil (from left to right).
Step 1: Cut several pieces of black fabric in large triangle shapes. Lay them on contractor's paper and tape the fabric down with painter's tape.
Step 2: Use a foam roller to stencil each piece of fabric. Choose 6 different stencil patterns from either our Halloween Stencil Collection or any Damask or Modern Allover stencil will look great. Paint each stencil in "Halloween" colors (black, various greys, orange, green, purple). For this project we used Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint(R), Paris Grey Chalk Paint and French Linen. Allow to dry.

Step 3: Once dry, make some cuts into the fabric and wrinkle it to create a ragged look.
Step 4: Use a hot glue gun to attach each triangle to a piece of twine and create a bunting.

Optional Step 5: We used some burlap ribbon we had left from an earlier project to tie a few bows and placed them between the fabrics to hide the twine. You can use any type of tick ribbon you have left. A fabric with some pumpkins or skulls would also look very festive!
That's IT! Your backdrop is ready to be displayed! The bonus is that it's also easy to store for your next Halloween party! Can't seem to get enough of Halloween DIY fun? Check out more DIY stencil projects on our blog Paint + Pattern here:
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