Top 9 Halloween Pinterest Pumpkin Ideas


These Halloween Pumpkin Ideas are a creatively spooky way to add to your Halloween Decorations! From scary to chic, explore the endless possibilities of pumpkin carving. Reinvent the idea of Halloween decorations and have fun!

Chalkboard Pumpkin

Get creative and spray chalkboard paint to a pumpkin. After the paint has dried, you can add any spooky message you want!


Carve out a pumpkin and replace it with your favorite plant! This decoration can be displayed all fall long.


Mummy Pumpkin

Have a blast creating your very own Mummy Pumpkin! Draw a mouth with a permanent marker. Spray an adhesive to your pumpkin. Add eyes. Continually spray and wrap the pumpkin with gauze. Let dry. Enjoy!

Rathole Pumpkin

Drill out several holes in your pumpkin after you've gutted the entire thing. Glue or place spiders and rats in and on the pumpkin.

Rhinestone Pumpkins

Who says Halloween can't be chic? Add the perfect amount of glitz and glam to your Halloween decorations. Spray metallic spray paint over pumpkins. Let dry. Bedazzle away!

Sucker Pumpkin

CAUTION: Cuteness overload! This silly pumpkin is a fun twist on pumpkin carving. Poke holes in the top of your pumpkin. Glue on eyes. Draw with chalk on your mustache. Glue underneath the eyes. Stick your suckers in the holes at the top and enjoy!

Swinging Spider Pumpkin

During the day, this pumpkin sure is spooky! Gut your pumpkin and carve out a square in the front. Glue a frame around the square hole. Attach spiders and in and around the pumpkin.

Swinging Spider Pumpkin

Add a candle to your pumpkin and watch it come to life!

Check out this video to get the entire tutorial. Enjoy!

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