Interchangeable Valentine's Day / Easter Banner Tutorial

I wanted to create a unique burlap banner to celebrate the holidays. This burlap banner can be switched out for the holidays easily utilizing Velcro Fusion. I have made hearts and eggs because I already had a shamrock banner. You can easily make shapes to customize your banner for any type of party or celebration.
Supplies Needed

1/2 yard burlap

1/4 yard each of 3 coordinating fabrics

1/4 yard felt

1/4 yard medium weight fabric (linen is used in this example)

Thread (either neutral / white / matching) your preference

Sewing machine is preferred

Velcro Fusion



Rotary Cutter (Optional)

Cutting Mat is preferred

Jute Twine (Approximately 8 feet)

My amounts for fabric are guesstimates. This would be a great scrap buster project.

Step 1.

Cut six burlap pennants (These pennants are 9 inches across the top and 12 inches middle of top to point.)
I drew my shapes by hand. My egg shape measures slightly less 4 inches at the widest point and is 5 inches tall.

My heart shape was about 5 1/2 inches wide and 4 1/2 inches tall. If you would like me to add printable templates, just comment to let me know.
Step 2.

Using your pattern, cut heart shapes and egg shapes from coordinating fabrics and from felt. I made six hearts with matching felt pieces for the backs and six eggs with matching felt pieces for the back of each.
Step 3.

Snip a small (approximately 1 inch slit in middle of felt pieces).

(In this picture, the top heart has already been sewn and pulled through the slit so the right side is facing out.)
Step 4.

Pin each shape to felt with wrong side facing out on fabric. You will turning the shape inside out and will want the right side showing when you do this.

Step 5.

Sew all shapes all the way around and backstitch at beginning and end.

Step 6.

Trim excess fabric around seam off. Be very careful to not cut too close to seam.

Turn right side out using slit in back of felt piece. Use your finger or chopstick to press seams fully to reveal your shape. Press with iron to remove any wrinkles. At this time, use a ladder stitch to close up slit in felt.
Step 7.

Cut six bands of medium weight fabric, 10 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Fold in half lengthwise and press. Fold each raw lengthwise edge to the center pressed line and press again. Fold ends in and press and pin. Sew pinned ends with a straight stitch.

Step 8.

Place burlap pennant in the middle of the band. Fold band in half and pin. Sew across each pennant and backstitch a beginning and end of each flag to secure stitching.
Step 9.

Cut six two-inch pieces of Velcro Fusion hook tape. The felt will naturally provide the loop side. Apply Velcro Fusion tape according to directions with a steam iron pressing to secure. Thread pennants onto jute twine.
All you need to do is add your hearts or eggs to your banner. The felt on the back with naturally adhere to the Velcro.
My kids love swapping them out. I am working on some ideas that are all occasion so that I can leave it up all year long.
Here is one for St. Patrick's Day. Even though these shamrocks are sewn on, using the above concept, they could easily be adapted to the removable Velcro version.

Happy Holidays!!!
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