PATRIOTIC PALLET I Love Pallet Art Projects. Use Your Imagination !!!

1 Material
2 Hours
One day while shopping at Home Depot I noticed a pallet laying in the ground. I asked an employee if I could have it and they said yes. I did not take a before pic of the completed so I posted a similar raw pallet here.
supplies include: pallet 24 in wide x 21 in tall 6 in deep, ceramic tile for top ( this wasn't glued so that I could hang pallet) assorted patriotic stars, bow, ribbon for hanging, lettering, scarf, blue spray pain, and E 6000 glue
I spray painted the pallet brilliant blue.
Used E6000 glue to attach lettering, bow, ribbon, scarf, stars and bow. NOTE: The ceramic top is not attached.
The pallet minus the tile is hung with a red glitter STURDY ribbon ( you may need to use wire here for stability)
I added this pic to show additional idea for table and another pallet I keep on my deck....I spray painted the table red. I found a stencil at the dollar store and positioned on red table top, spray painted white. Simple!!!
The pallet free at Home Depot was sprayed white, then I just used red and blue paint along with stencils to randomly give the piece dimension.
The rug was a drab brown color- free. So once again spray paint to the rescue....woo hoo!!! What can I say.. Paint changes everything....
Suggested materials:
  • Red, white and blue spray paint, ceramic tile, assorted pain, stars, letters, scarf, bow, E6000 glue   (Home Depot, WalMart, Christmas tree shop, Dollar Store)
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