Playful Centerpieces

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Yearly I make a few centerpieces for a Thanksgiving Dinner event in Boston. Unfortunately I did not document my steps, but they are easy to understand.
I collected colorful feathers from craft stores on Amazon in three size ranges.
I then used old pitchers that I had and filled them with a paper to hold branches.
First I placed in faux cherry blossom branches, and then tall curly birch. In the past
I have used branches I have gathered in the woods, and spray painted.
Starting at the bottom, I inserted large feathers around the opening of the pitchers.

Then I worked upwards, using black paper tape (electrical tape is good) to secure feathers at random angles, relying on instinct. When it felt done, I then put the smallest feathers at the tips of branches, giving a light lift to the overall piece.
The pitchers felt bland so I painted a red band around them. I then used a black map tape to finish the edges of the band. It happened to coordinate with postcard favors I had made for the guests using JC Lyendecker vintage artwork.

I love it, feathers and football, what a contradiction.
The final centerpieces were used at tables for 10 in Hynes Auditorium. The idea is easy to adapt to different heights, shapes and colors. I really want to make an all white winter one for the holidays.
Suggested materials:
  • Faux cherry blossom branches   (
  • Curly birch branches   (local floral supply...or the woods)
  • Feathers   (various suppliers on
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