Disney Princess Castle to Haunted Halloween Castle! Harry Potter!

Tracy W
by Tracy W
I am a total Harry Potter fan! And there is something about Halloween that makes Harry Potter even better! I want to share my own Hogwarts which I made from a very pink and very princessy fairy castle. With a flick of a wand and the wave of a can of spray paint, Hogsmeade has come to life in my kitchen!
Just a can of spray paint turned this pink princess castle into something spooky and sinister for Halloween!
I found this Pink Princess Castle at Savers for only $4.00 I was going to spray it grey and blue for my Disney flower garden. But then I started thinking Halloween.....
Enter this can of black spray paint. I love this brand of spray paint because of the coverage and also the quick drying aspect.
Here it is drying on the patio. It already looks very cool!
I put it in my kitchen and placed a candle behind it for an eerie glow through the windows! This whole project cost less than $5.00 and I love it. This is quite pleased! Happy Halloween!
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