Three Last Minute Halloween Decorations

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1 Day
Wait!! You haven’t decorated outside your home for the night of trick or treat? Here are three easy pease projects that are spook-tacular!
We’ll start with the easiest - Floating Witch’s Hat
1 - Purchase a witch’s hat.
2 - Spray the hat with Glow in the Dark paint
3 - While the paint is wet, sprinkle glitter onto the brim (this part is optional)
4 - Bend one inch of the tip of the hat in half and cut a slit
5 - Thread filament/fishing line through the slit
6 - Hang

Our second decoration - Floating Candles
1 - Cut a paper towel roll in half to make 2 candles
2 - Cut any uneven edges with a pair of scissors
3 - To make the “melted wax”, edge the top of the roll with hot glue allowing the glue to drip down the edges. If you need additional “melted wax” continue to add hot glue.
4 - Paint the candle white using craft paint.
A tea light will be the “flame” of the candle. You don’t want to affix the light permanentlay so we’ll make a net for it to sit on.
5 - Poke holes around the top of the roll using a pin.
6 - Thread fishing line through the holes. You will need at least 3 lines.
7 - Cut the fishing line to length so you have enough line to hang you candle.
8 - Turn on the tea light and drop it into the fishing line net.
9 - Your floating candles are ready to hang!
Spooky!! Especially when the wind blows them around.
Spooky!! Especially when the wind blows them around.
Our third decoration - chicken wire ghosts. This takes a little more time but it’s worth it!
Put on your work gloves ‘cause chicken wire is sharp.
1 - Measure the width of your chicken wire.
2 - Roll out the wire (this is the hard part :)
3 - Using the same measurement as the width, measure and mark the length
4 - Cut this square
5 - Fold the square in half to make 2 triangles
6 - Cut the triangles apart
7 - Repeat steps 1-6 so you have 4 triangles total
8 - Attach two of the triangles together by bending the edge of cut wire over top of each other.
9 - Repeat so you have 2 large triangles made up of the 4 smaller triangles
10 - Attach the 2 large triangles together to form 1 huge triangle.
11 - Attach the ends together to form a cylinder with a tail.
12 - To make the bodice/top, form the top of the cylinder, pressing it down and folding it over. There is no right or wrong way to do this. Just use your creativity.
13 - Spray your ghost with Glow in the dark spray paint

14 - Attach the ghost to the ground using landscaping pins.
I had so much fun making this ghost, I made two more and who knows...if you drive by my house on trick or treat night, there may be a whole gaggle of ghosts.

Suggested materials:

  • Paper towel roll   (Walmart)
  • Fishing line   (Walmart)
  • Hot glue   (AC Moore)
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