A Kiss for Valentines

Why not give your loved one a kiss for Valentines by casting "Your Lips" with plaster cloth!
Be sure to coat your lips with Vaseline before placing plaster cloth over them.
I don't have a photo of myself with my lips being cast, but here is one when I cast my face in the same way to make a monarch butterfly mask. Don't forget the coat your face or lips with Vaseline before starting to cast, & then simply cut strips of plaster cloth to fit your lips, building up a few layers of cloth.
Wait for the plaster to dry, & then remove your cast. Lip cast.
Once your lips are cast & dry the plaster can become soft if painting over them, so to make them more durable & resistant to water I coated them with JB Weld.
Once the JB Weld was dry I sanded them a bit to smooth out any rough areas.
Next I painted them red.
To add sparkle & shine because who doesn't love sparkle? I then glued on Swarovski crystals in red. Starting with outlining the lips & then filling in with the crystals. I didn't need a magnifying glass to put the crystals on but the helping hands tool was perfect for holding the lips while gluing the crystals on.
Crystals fully applied.
Final touch I found a heart shaped glass box at a thrift store to gift the lips in.
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  • Hannah V Hannah V on Feb 13, 2015
    Wow what a unique idea!

    • Katrina Warren Katrina Warren on Feb 13, 2015
      @Hannah V Thanks Hannah, After making the monarch butterfly mask I decided to try casting my lips just for fun. I actually cast my lips back in 2011, but didn't get around to completing the project until recently. =)