Make a Bird in a Tree Ornament

2 Materials
30 Minutes

After finding an unusually shaped fillable ornament at the dollar store, I decided to use them for my granddaughters Christmas ornaments.

My idea was to have a bird in a tree inside the ornament. I broke off the ends of some long white branches, but knew I would need to set them in something , and decided to go with play dough. I made a mound and put it in the inside of the lid , leaving room to be able to screw the top back on

Next , I used some silver glitter glue on the "tree" . It didn't stand out too much against the white tree, just enough to give a little sparkle when the lights shine on it. Then I made a hole in the dough, put in a drop of clear glitter glue and stuck the tree in it.

Next, I used a glue gun (the glitter glue didn't hold it ) to glue a bird on the tree. I also added some clear glitter glue on the dough , to make it look like a mound of snow

After putting the top on , I wasn't happy , it looked too plain. I decided to add some snowflake plastic confetti to the trees , almost like leaves. And also to the mound of snow.

Oh, I forgot to mention , at one point I glued ribbon around the edge of the lid ! Last I screwed the top on ! All that is left is to put their name and the year on the bottom .

Suggested materials:

  • Fillable ornament   (Dollar store)
  • Glitter , ribbon, tree branch, tiny bird, snowflake confetti   (Dollar and craft stores)

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