Dollar Store Bird Ornaments

by Pamela
2 Materials
5 Minutes

A super easy , super quick & super cheap Christmas tree ornament !

Cute bird on a branch

Gather all items :

Dollar store feather birds , it's okay if they have a clip on the bottom , it pulls right out !

A piece of branch , real or fake , or a cinnamon stick.

Hot glue gun

String or narrow ribbon

That's it ...

Gather materials

First , if your bird has a clip on the bottom slide it out...

Then squirt some hot glue onto the branch

Put glue on the branch

Next place the bird on top of the glue on the branch , quickly adjust it so it sits at the angle you want and hold it for a few seconds . At this point you can turn it upside down and add a little more glue to the areas where the bird touches the branch , to hold it better .

Sorry , bad lighting. ..

Now , just tie your string or ribbon to the branch on either side of the bird .

All ready to hang !

Next , find a spot on your tree to hang it ! Note: you might have to place it where a tree branch supports it , from underneath or behind it , to help balance it . My first one hung fine , the second one , kept leaning forward, so I cut the string and put on a new one , tying the one end to a different spot on the branch . This gave it better balance 😊

Here's the other one ...

This was so easy and quick, even with having to adjust one of the strings , from start to hanging them , less than 5 minutes !!!

Happy Holidays !!!!

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Suggested materials:
  • Dollar store birds   (Dollar store)
  • Branch   (Yard)
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