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Each holiday season, I love searching through my craft supplies and coming up with the best way to create a unique and easy ornament for my Christmas tree. This Christmas season I decided to make a wooden Christmas tree ornament using a small wood slice, a stamp, and a bit of glitter glue!

These are so easy to make, look great on a rustic tree, and have turned into my favorite ornaments that I’ve made this year or previous years. This diy project is also kid-friendly and they can make these wooden Christmas decorations with you! No power tools or hot glue guns are needed to make these wood Christmas tree crafts!

Materials needed to make these Christmas wood crafts ornaments:

(I have Amazon affiliate links below but you could also find these in a local craft store.)

Once you get your wood slices, you’ll notice the rough edges. We want to keep those because that is what will make them rustic Christmas decor in the form of Christmas ornaments.

When you are ready to stamp, be sure to dab the stamp in the ink 3-4 times to be sure the ink is fully on the stamp. You want the snowflake’s shape to stand out as much as possible.

Because the stamp and wood slice are so similar in size, I placed the wood slab on top of the stamp rather than vice versa. That way I could tell if it was centered. Then press firmly down. You can also pick them both up together and flip them around to press harder than way too, to be sure the snowflake stamp really shows up on the wood.

I love the holiday decor design of the snowflake, but wasn’t thrilled that the ink wasn’t bolder. So I decided to go over the snowflake shape again with a fine tip black sharpie.

You can definitely see a difference between the stamp ink alone vs. going over it again with a thin sharpie. This is a great way to increase the contrast and really help the snowflake stand out!

In my mind originally, I thought the perfect addition to this great project would be to put glitter glue all over the entire snowflake. I hated the way it turned out. When the light reflects on it, it just looks like a silver glitter glob on wood – and didn’t bring forth the holiday spirit as I had hoped. But I like to share with you my failures along with my successes! 😉

Instead of covering the snowflake with glitter glue, I decided to just embellish it. I added a dot of red glitter glue above the “w” on the outside of the snowflake pattern.

Then I decided on a thin green glitter border around the edge. Wait 24 hours for the glue to fully dry.

Here is the glitter glue after it’s dried. In my opinion, I would add a second layer of green glitter glue for the border to make it thicker. The glue really shrinks when it dries, so keep that in mind in whatever way you decide to decorate yours! Then add the twine or string that comes with the wood slices so you can hang it on your tree!

Here is this wooden Christmas tree ornament hanging off a branch.

I have a family room in my basement that has a cozy wood stove and is fully Adirondack-themed in terms of the decor. We have knotty pine all over the walls and storage units and I have pinecones, deer, moose, and black bears throughout. I also have a very small artificial Christmas tree for a small space that is next to the TV. It has many pinecones on it, but I’m going to add these wooden Christmas tree snowflake ornaments to this tiny tree that will match perfectly with the rustic, woodsy, and country feel I have created in this space! I love that I’ve been able to add some holiday cheer that matches this cabin-like family room where my family members and I spend time watching Christmas movies by the woodstove!

I hope you enjoy using these pieces of wood as I did for this diy wood Christmas tree craft! Happy crafting!

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