How to Craft a Charming Wood Bead Garland to Decorate Your Fall Tree

Fall is here, and with it comes the opportunity to infuse your home with a cozy atmosphere.

If you're eager to breathe new life into your Christmas tree and give it a delightful fall-inspired makeover then this wood bead garland project is for you.

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Today, I'll walk you through the process of customizing wood beads to seamlessly blend with the rich, fiery colors of fall. I'll also show you how to adorn your Christmas tree with this rustic creation and DIY acorn ornaments, giving your tree a unique twist that combines the best of fall and Christmas.

How to make a wooden bead garland for your fall tree

Tools and Materials:

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Decorating a tree for fall using orange milk paint

1. Dye the Wooden Beads

Begin by mixing up some orange milk paint to give your wooden beads that perfect fall hue. Ensure all the beads are thoroughly covered with the paint mixture. Let them sit for an hour, stirring occasionally, to absorb the vibrant orange color.

Dyeing wooden beads for fall garland

2. Let the Beads Dry

Once the beads have soaked up the color, use skewers to thread them through for drying.

Allow the wooden beads to dry

I made a wooden block with holes, so I could put the skewers in and let the beads dry nicely.

Rustic fall garland

3. String the Beads

With your now beautifully dyed wooden beads, start stringing them onto a piece of jute twine.

Loop at the end of the garland

Make a loop at one end of the beaded garland so we can attach it to the Christmas tree.

How to decorate with wooden bead garland

4. Begin Decorating Your Tree

Now, let's start decorating your DIY fall tree. Begin with the wood bead garland.

Decorating a Christmas tree for fall season

Start near the top by hooking the loop of the garland on the back of the tree.

Tips for reusing holiday decorations in the fall

Twist it around as you work, adjusting until it looks just right.

Decorating with acorns

5. Add Acorns and Twine

Next, we are going to add a unique touch to this rustic tree decor with DIY acorn ornaments.

Fall tree ideas

You have a couple of options for the acorns: you can grab some faux ones at the Dollar Store, or you can go outdoors and find a few. If you choose to forage your own, simply wrap twine around each acorn and create a loop for hanging.

Homemade rustic garland and acorn ornaments

Once you've done that, it's time to start decorating your tree with these acorn ornaments.

Fall Christmas tree ideas

6. Fill in the Gaps with Vine Leaves

To fill any gaps at the bottom of the tree, use darker vine leaves. Simply wrap the leaves around the base and tuck them into the spaces between the branches and the pot. No need for glue – the branches will hold them securely in place.

Fall tree decor ideas

7. Finish with a Beautiful Bow

To complete your fall tree idea, craft a simple bow with long tails. Secure the bow at the very top branch of the tree with jute twine and let the tails cascade down the sides.

Transforming a mini Christmas tree into fall porch decor

Fall Tree Decorated With Wood Bead Garland and Acorn Ornaments

With your tree adorned with a beautiful wood bead garland, charming acorn ornaments, and a touch of rustic elegance, you've successfully embraced the essence of the season.

Now, every time you walk by your creation, you'll be reminded of the cozy moments this season brings.

Outdoor fall decor ideas

I enhanced the autumn atmosphere by scattering pumpkins at the base of the tree.

Don't forget to share your own unique fall tree ideas in the comments below. I can't wait to hear about your experiences and see your beautiful designs.

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    I think with the needl-tree it still looks like a Christmas tree went wrong. But I like the idea and will do it with branches, which could be placed into an outdoor vase. 😊