Easy Photo String Wall for Party Decor

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We made a photo string wall for a recent party and liked it so much we've decided to keep it! It's nice to see our favourite photos every day and to be able to switch out photos whenever we like. It's also been really handy if we want to give photos to family members - they can just grab whichever ones they want when they come visit :)

Here's how we made our photo wall. The full tutorial and the other pictures are here: https://mamasmusthaves.com/photo-string-display-with-clothespins/

BEFORE - Find a plain wall on which to display your photo string. Look for places that you can easily place hooks where they won't damage paint or can be hidden from view.

Place 2 hooks onto the wall, with one hook on either side. We used self-adhesive command hooks and decided to place them on the housing for our in-wall speakers. This way there was no danger of peeling paint (although the command strips aren't supposed to peel paint anyway - but we didn't want to risk it). After the hooks are placed, tie twine between the hooks. We chose to put 3 strands between the hooks. The top strand was tied tightly and was used for a title made of brown paper bunting. The bottom two strands were looser and used for photos.

Use Clothespins to attach photos to the twine. It's easiest if the peg grabs the twine overtop of the photo, in the same spot. This keeps the photo secure and stops it from flopping around too much.

Keep attaching photos until there are photos all the way along the twine.

AFTER - Enjoy your photos with your friends and family! Optional Upgrade - Make some title bunting for the top of the wall. This bunting is made from recycled paper bags and black marker. More details on the blog (link at the bottom of this post).

Suggested materials:

  • Twine   (Home Depot)
  • Printed Photos   (Costco)
  • Clothespins   (Amazon)
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