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Hello from Michigan.

I was trying to search for a product that would be easy to assemble, and dis- assemble for the winter months. I found the solution, and will show an update HOME video in this post. The Full DIY video is on my YouTube channel. Subscribe today.

Let's begin.

Universal Poultry Pride Chicken Pen

First, I ordered this during the start of the pandemic. It arrived and placed in my driveway for now. It took two men to bring it up on the crate. It is all steel. A box with clamps and instructions, too. I ordered this from Tractor Supply. They keep their baby chicks in the store with this product. It is eight foot by eight foot by seven foot high. The cost is $599.99

Secondly, this idea was going on my deck.

I had to make sure there would be no live wire contact with this poultry pen. Then, I sanded and stained and added green grass carpet to the deck.


Reviewing all the parts with my helper, there is pieces missing. We went directly to Tractor Supply here in Bay City, Mi, and they told us what to order. We waited. The parts missing? The connection tubes for the roof panels.

Tunnel idea

I already had a window flap for access and a smaller catio hooked to the outside of the house. I had to figure out how to connect this new idea and I used repurposed steel trays from a shelve unit. This is explained more in my YouTube video. (See that link at the end).


Once my helper and I had all our parts, we assembled this in one and a half hours. It did get dark really quickly, so I left the rest of the work for the next day. This is the photo at night. I placed a poultry pen cover on the top. That cover cost $49.99. The green grass carpet from Tractor Supply for $40.

Tunnel Assemble

My deck rails had to be cut with a saw and then I cut a hole on the white catio with metal wire cutters. Assembled the tunnel with zipties so I can remove it during the winter. I braced down the eight foot steel pen in four areas. One never knows if a big wind storm would knock this off the deck.


This is the access tunnel now. I had to cut the metal on the pen as well. Now everything is up. I placed a bench inside, and a clubhouse perch for the cats. The cover tied on the top. The door closes and I can lock it if I want to. This is all temporary. Being steel, it can stay up in the winter months but the cats wont go out if it has snow inside. Snow blows sideways ya know! Rain is okay with the cover.

Cat Clubhouse

I purchased this on sale from Wayfair for $79.99. Now I can sit inside the new catio, have my coffee, or even craft. At night, the cats sleep outside, and no harm will come to them. I have a blind Siamese Flamepoint and the blue grey in the photo. Two girls, fixed.

Night Time

During the day and night, I have a surveillance camera, and with motion, the camera shines a bright light onto the area. This idea, turned out puurrr-fect for me and my kitty kids. See the Diy full video, the real time assembly, and a few struggles I had with this idea. I do everything myself. I needed help for lifting these steel panels on to the deck. My helper is my son in law. Please share. Chicken coup turned into a


My grand daughters can now bring over their kitty cat. We all can sit inside with them, too! Memories! This idea-great for small dogs! You found it here- remember me and give me credit.


What would this cute project be without a personalize sign? Now my neighbors know why I have a cage on my deck!  Welcome To Miss Commissioner's & Sakae's Catio


Well folks, this was easy to create, but, it cost some money. I am on a budget and planed this out last winter. Total budget was $1,000 and I just came under that. See the video, I describe the cat friendly bench from Tractor Supply and other ideas, like the solar deck lights in this picture. ***DIY REAL TIME VIDEO:

Awesome Idea For A Catio.

Comments welcomed. Bless!

 Babcia in Bay City, Michigan

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July 2020 Finished Project ( Home Video)
Suggested materials:
  • Universal Poultry Pen   (Tractor Supply)
  • Cover, Green Grass Carpet   (Tractor Supply)
  • Cat Clubhouse   (Wayfair)
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  • Debby Bauman Weaver Debby Bauman Weaver on Jul 24, 2020

    I love this idea and we wanted to do something like this when we moved to our first house out in the country. We haven't done it yet basically because when we first moved here there were more than a few stray cats and those of people who let theirs free roam in the area and they loved hanging out on and under our back deck. Our babies are totally indoors and this was to be their first catio, but the fear of them being exposed to feline lukemia, fleas, ticks and other horrors kept us from it. How do you keep others from invading your babies space? Especially since you let them sleep outside in the summer?

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  • Lyn Lyn on Aug 21, 2020

    Great idea! I wanted to do something like this, but wasn’t sure what to use. I live in S.E. WI and also get snow, disassembly a plus. Also planning much smaller so maybe kennel panels might work better.

  • Christine Christine on Oct 15, 2020

    LOVE-LOVE-LOVE IT !!!! Can’t wait to do something like this for my cat babies 😻