Kansas Sunflowers

These pictures were taking at Grinter Farm. Located in north eastern Kansas. Sunflower blooms last roughly two weeks. They love the hot dog days of summer. If it 100 degrees out the flowers are happy.
The owners are wonderful people to share their Sunflower with everyone. It is their crop and they sell it locally. People come from out of state to see the flowers and take pictures.
The farmer is said to have spent $15,000.00 putting the seeds in the ground. What a blaze of glory it is when the Sunflowers bloom.
People have even been know to become engaged in the Sunflower fields. There have also been Senior pictures taken out there. Sometimes the place is so crowded finding a place to park is a challenge.
The Sunflower always face the sun. I find it so interesting to take a picture and a couple of hour later stand in the same spot and take the picture. (I always try to find the one "young strong willed" plant that is not facing the sun.)
The field have Sunflowers well over 8 feet tall. I usually take a ladder with me to get a picture of the yellow fields.
It is a working farm so you will find all kinds of bugs out at the farm. After all, it is the bugs home too.
You can see in the background the fields go on for what seems like forever. If you look in the back ground you will see the " young strong willed" little flower facing a different direction.
The center of the sunflower has the most interesting little patterns.
Thank you Grinter Farm for sharing your Sunflowers with me.
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