Use Peroxide When Your Pet Tinkles On The Flo

Mix a bowl of hydrogen peroxide and soap together to get out pesky pet stains. Get tutorial here

Build A Cot For Puppies With PVC

Combine 4 PVC frames together for a cute bed for your pet. Get tutorial here

Make A Gate To Keep Fido Safe With Wood

Cut into the slices of pine wood with a miter saw. Get tutorial here

Craft A Fancy Bed With A Table

Remove the doors from the cabinet and repaint with chalk paint. Get tutorial here

Repurpose A Suitcase With Stencils For A Bed

Take an unused suitcase and paint over with stencils and fill with foam. Get tutorial here

Make A Play Area For Cats With Drawers

Paint pastel colors over unused drawers and seal with a gloss finish, and pack them on top of each other. Get tutorial here

Store Your Pet’s Food In A Barrel

Simply put a barrel on top of a rolling stand for a movable storage station. Get tutorial here

Paint A Beautiful Mural In A Parlor

Paint a mural with florals to update a drab garage for your pets. Get tutorial here

Recreate A Ballard Food Tin For Cats

Cut vinyl using a Silhouette Cameo to label the barrel, and transfer onto the tin. Get tutorial here

Design A Cat Bed From A Cardboard Box

Coat the box in joint compound and fill it with feline accessories. Get tutorial here

Build A Cage For Your Pet To Travel

Screw in 2 x 3 wood, chicken wire, and handles. Get tutorial here

Assemble A Raised Feeder For Big Dogs

Take some old barn wood, jigsaw 2 holes, and sand down for a finished project. Get tutorial here

Reuse Scrap Wood For A Hydrant Container

Cut down the wood to size, and shape out the nozzles, then paint a bright engine red. Get tutorial here

Organize Your Pet’s Toys With A Basket

Trace a bone shape onto paper, put glue onto small dowels, and weave with twine. Get tutorial here

Use A Mason Jar For Storing Treats

Use a Craftsmart paint pen, and squiggle paws on the container. Get tutorial here

Remember To Keep Your Pet From Chocolate

Chocolate can prove to be fatal to your furry friends, so skip the sweets. Get tutorial here

Make A Microwave Cart A Stand For Bunnies

Apply primer and paint to a microwave cart to create a stand for your rabbit’s cage. Get tutorial here

Get Rid Of Pet Hair With A Glove

Use your yellow glove for dishes by moistening it and rubbing your hand over the area. Get tutorial here

Make A Memorial For Your Furbaby That Passed

Use Liquitex Gel Medium to adhere a picture of your departed animal onto a table. Get tutorial here

Build A Giant Bed For Your Puppies To Share

Put together a bed big enough for 2 dogs with a pallet and a sander. Get tutorial here

Design A Playroom For Your Kitty

Paint giant trees and little portraits of your cats, then add artificial turf under the litter box. Get tutorial here

Do A Special Food Mat With Laminated Burlap

Purchase laminated burlap, add pictures, and put backing on the mat to stop movement, Get tutorial here

Make An Ornament Of Your Cat For Christmas

Take a clay ornament, and adhere modge podge onto the photo to transfer. Get tutorial here

Stencil Your Puppy’s Bed

Secure your stencil using painter’s tape, roll paint over the stencil, and wait till it dries. Get tutorial here

Upholster Your Pooch’s Bed With Staples

Wrap a selected fabric around the edges then staple into place. Get tutorial here

Create A Fluffy Fleece Bed For Your Bed

Get 2 yards of fabric, cut to size, and fill with shedding. Get tutorial here

Use A Stool As A Cat Feeder

Cut holes in with a jigsaw, stain the wood, and draw cat designs in permanent marker. Get tutorial here

Build A Doggie Shower

Put a standard sized shower pan into a wooden stand, and grout white tile. Get tutorial here