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Hi, I'm Liz from Simple Decorating Tips, a DIY and decorating blog. After the summer plants are gone, the water fountain drained and put away, all the colorful decor tucked safely away for the foreboding winter snows soon to be upon us, the porch doesn't need to just be barren, (or in this case... the courtyard patio). It's still nice to have something pretty out on the courtyard to look at til the promise of Spring arrives next year.

Here's the easy DIY winter porch arrangement I put together this week. And I'll give you a great tip on where you can find some free greenery!

As I don't want to have to change it after Christmas, I created this DIY winter porch arrangement so that it will last the winter through.

I already had everything to make this, all I needed to do was gather it together, repurposing it for this creation, and then add some fresh greenery.

Here's the tip for getting fresh greenery... (a friend of mine shared it with me, so I'll pass it on to you)

Check out your local compost site. In our town, we have a place the 'city folks' can take their yard waste, like leaves, branches and even trees. It's a great place to get lots of mixed greenery and twigs... but you need to go before they run it through the 'chipper'! I went with my yard gloves and pruners and snipped here and there, and wound up with a wonderful selection of greenery, totally free.

White pine branches, red pine boughs with the pinecones still attached, blue spruce branches and even some lovely cedar boughs. (The red twigs came from a pruning job of my own)

I simply laid some mixed greens on the two tiers of the stand.

Then, with a pot that can take the freezing weather, and half filled with dirt, I started the DIY winter porch arrangement. Using the dirt to hold the pieces in, I shoved in the twigs and branches, then finished with some large pinecones that have wooden dowels glued on the bottom of them, along with 3 little birdhouses that have dowels on them too. (The dirt isn't frozen yet, but when the temp drops it will freeze solid. That's why this pot has to be able to withstand the cold without cracking.)

Oh and something else I spied at the compost when I was gathering greenery, was this branch covered with this moss. I thought it was so pretty it got placed in the center of the arrangement.

Here's another tip:

Mix fresh and faux greenery. I have several faux greenery boughs in this pot. (I ordered some a few years ago, and they still looks great!) You can't tell by looking what's real and what's faux, but the faux does two things...

It holds it green color longer than the real, which will start to fade or turn yellowish by mid January, so the faux helps the arrangement look good longer.

The faux also is on stiff metal wire stakes, so it helps hold the arrangement together. Although this spot is pretty protected from the strong wind, being outside it still has to hold up to the elements.

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Suggested materials:
  • Faux greens
  • Fresh greens
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